Monday, April 19, 2021

black supremacist Court Staffers Got White Judge Cancelled for Acting Like a Free Citizen, Rather than Racially Submitting

18th Judicial District Judge Natalie T. Chase

By Nicholas Stix
Expanded at 3:48 p.m.

18th Judicial District Judge Natalie T. Chase had asked a black court staffer why blacks get to say “nigger,” but whites don’t. Judge Chase’s other crime was in having said, “All lives matter.”

I don’t know why she resigned.

“According to the court, Chase admitted in early 2020, she was driving back from a program with a Family Court Facilitator when she asked the colleague, who is black, why black people can use the n-word, but not white people.”

“Floyd, a black man, was killed while he was being detained by a white officer, Derek Chauvin, who is currently on trial over the killing.”

George Floyd wasn't "killed," and a “family court facilitator” is not the “colleague” of a judge.

This Daily Mail “thing” by Chris Jewers (remember that name!) is totally hostile towards the judge, only cites her racist enemies, and lists every ridiculous attack on her, as if it were legitimate.

Judge Chase criticized the Nazi black lives matter movement to black staffers who clearly support it. And they felt emboldened to destroy her.


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Anonymous said...

Whites should NEVER resign--not even Cuomo.