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Williams College’s Nazi Problem


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By Nicholas Stix

John C. Drew, a political science professor, who describes himself as the last conservative to have taught at Williams College, has published an essay, “Purple Bruises: My Thoughts on Mob Rule at Williams College,” at the blog Williams Alternative,
on the totalitarian racism of WC President Adam Falk, who intervened and banned my VDARE colleague, John Derbyshire, from speaking there, after a student group invited him.

Although the blog’s title suggests politically incorrect thinking, most of what I saw at Williams Alternative was pc with a vengeance: A defense of Adam Falk’s verbot of Derbyshire, a defense of “trigger warnings.”

Note that Sam Crane, the racial socialist professor who wrote a 2,300-word rant defending the silencing of John Derbyshire, refused to quote a single word Derbyshire had ever written or spoken, refused to link to the Derbyshire essay that Crane hated, and piping a fake, libelous quote, “That is what statements like ‘African Americans are genetically inferior to White Americans and thus should be avoided by Whites’…”

Crane added the strike-through after Derbyshire pointed out that the “quotation” was fake. Crane responded to Derbyshire’s objection with some sophistry, purporting to show that a direct quote is somehow not a quote. (The traditional way of doing that would be to use single quotation marks, instead of double quotes, but Crane couldn’t be bothered to do that, because his intent was to deceive.)

Drew responded to Crane, as follows:
John C. Drew, Ph.D.
February 24, 2016 at 7:03 p.m.

We both know you avoid my comments because you can’t take the heat from a peer who used to be a member of the same political science department as you. You’d rather push around undergraduates and members of the general public who lack your seemingly endless supply of unproductive free time.

Back when I taught at Williams College, you would be fired for making up a quote about what another person wrote or said even if that person was a hated race realist. Frankly, no amount of holier than thou linguistic double-talk can disguise the fact that you took a cheap shot at John Derbyshire. I’m glad he caught it and forced you to knuckle under.

Unfortunately for the cause of intellectual honesty, I’m afraid you are surrounded by colleagues who do not care about the quality of your work or your academic integrity. As long as you hate the right people, your job is apparently quite secure.

That the blog calls itself Williams Alternative is a click-bait device to draw readers expecting the sort of fare its title promises. Similarly, during the early 1990s, some pc lefties, including Bill Maher and a cartoonist whose I name I forget, appropriated the term “politically incorrect,” in order to lure readers and viewers.

The comment thread at the Drew essay is, at present, dominated by young racial socialists, surely due to choices by the thread Nazis. One, who calls himself “Jewish at Williams,” claims to be 17, posted multiple comments attacking John Drew. I re-posted what I though was his longest comment, running 388 words (I now see that at least one other runs 562 words), followed by my response, which after over four hours, is still awaiting posting. I won’t hold my breath.

I see that “Jewish” has also accused his enemies of “islamophobia?,” another insult that is a leftwing identifier.

Jewish at Williams
March 6, 2016 at 10:24 p.m.

A brief preface: I grew up keeping Kosher. I went to synagogue every Saturday. I went to Hebrew School twice a week after public school at my synagogue, studying Hebrew as well as Jewish history, law, and ethics. I was called to the torah as a Bar Mitzvah in August 2011. I continue to be involved with social justice work at my synagogue back home, and hope to raise my children with a strong sense of Jewish ethics. I am a Jew, and I am proud to be a Jew.

I also oppose Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, as well as their consistent refusal to abide by international law and brokered treaties. I find the treatment of Palestinians within Israel to be shameful and offensive, running contrary to every moral principle I learned in Hebrew school as a child.

Can you actually point to anything Remi Kanazi said at Williams that is antisemitic? The link you supplied simply points to Kanazi sharing factual claims about the occupation— the “hundreds of Israeli checkpoints” figure comes from a UN report in 2011. The IDF now claims that there are only 13, but that number is contested by a variety of news organizations and advocacy groups. Fact-based criticism of the state of Israel and the illegal occupation it carries out is not antisemitism, but a moral call for human rights and respect for international law.

I find it especially offensive that you make these false claims of antisemitism against Remi Kanazi—who, for the record, frequently works with the organization Jewish Voice for Peace—while supporting the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, a man who made a wildly antisemitic speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition in which he stated, “Stupidly, you want to give money… But you’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money,” later adding, “You want to control your own politicians.”

Stop trying to use Jews to promote your own political agenda. If you really cared about antisemitism, confront the antisemitism rampant on the radical right. Question why Donald Trump feels comfortable using antisemitic tropes. Interrogate your beloved John Derbyshire on why he has “complicated and sometimes self-contradictory feelings about the Jews.” Until you’ve actually thought through what antisemitism looks like in America today, please do the Jewish community a favor and shut up.


N.S.: Anonymous Coward, “Jewish at Williams”

That you are a liar and a genocidal anti-Semite is clear. And yet, you presume to speak with some sort of moral authority.

“… Jewish history, law, and ethics.” From your anti-Semitic rant, it is clear that that is not the case. Thus, I must conclude that you are either a complete liar, or a selective one. There are rabid Jewish anti-Semites who speak of “Jewish ethics” and such, who actually mean socialist or communist “ethics.” There is no lack of loud Jews who have gained influence through such ideological sleight of hand.

“I continue to be involved with social justice work at my synagogue back home…”

“Social justice work” is not a phrase from Judaism, but Marxism. The writer is a racial socialist, hiding behind Judaism. (Racial socialists support the genocide of the entire white race, including white Jews.) “Human rights” is another phrase beloved by racial socialists, formerly known as communists.

“Donald Trump, a man who made a wildly antisemitic speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition…” That’s both simple slander and stupid, and the quote you made has nothing to do with anti-Semitism.

“Question why Donald Trump feels comfortable using antisemitic tropes. Interrogate your beloved John Derbyshire on why he has ‘complicated and sometimes self-contradictory feelings about the Jews.’”

Another libel on Trump, and a point-and-splutter attack on my colleague John Derbyshire. Why would the quoted statement be evidence of anti-Semitism on the latter’s part? Why did you not quote Derbyshire’s preceding statement that he is a “philo-Semite”? That Jews have “complicated and sometimes self-contradictory feelings about the Jews” is such a commonplace that there are Jewish jokes about it. Did you even bother to read the essay from which the quotation originated? The last question was rhetorical.

“I also oppose Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands.” There are no “Palestinian lands,” and there are no “Palestinians.” “Palestinians” is a phrase that was coined 45-50 years ago, because “Palestine” was for eons the name that was replaced with Israel. When Arabs speak of “Palestine,” they are speaking in code of the land of Israel, which they seek to steal from the Jews, after they drive them into the sea, an intention which they have announced many times, over the years, often in Arabic.

“…consistent refusal to abide by international law and brokered treaties.”

“International law” is a fiction popular with racial socialists. As for “brokered treaties,” the Arab Moslems have violated every treaty they ever entered into with Israel, rendering them null and void.

The areas which the anonymous coward calls “Palestinian lands,” are Israeli lands, which were won in the Six Day War in 1967, when Moslem countries united, once again, to annihilate the Jews of Israel. Israel should have driven the Arabs out of those lands and into other Arab lands generations ago.

“Jewish Voice for Peace” is a genocidally anti-Semitic group. Like Anonymous Coward “Jewish at Williams” and Remi Kanazi, JVP supports the “BDS” movement, Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, which is designed to so weaken the Jews of Israel, that Moslems within and without Israel can destroy it, and commit Holocaust II.

Beginning during the War in Vietnam, those supporting genocide (often communists) have often hidden behind phony “peace movements.” That there are Jews—sanctimonious, pompous ones, at that—who support another Holocaust is one of the little known mysteries and outrages of the current age. “Jewish at Williams” is, thus, a Jewish Nazi at Williams.
And the Nazism of JaW is not unique. JaW and his allies have invited genocidal anti-Semites to speak at Williams, with no criticism or interference from President Adam Falk, contributing to a rising atmosphere of anti-Semitism.

Falk could have criticized the anti-Semites and John Derbyshire, while permitting both to speak. Since Falk’s decisions are based on his political loyalties, one must conclude that he is a rabid, and possibly genocidal, anti-Semite.

I hope all Jews avoid the school, which would probably lead to its collapse. That would be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

The strike through is a good way to put an idea in the head of others without actually saying it is so?

John C. Drew, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for summarizing the recent "conversation" at the Williams Alternative. Liberal college professors like Sam Crane are living in a dangerous alternative reality where adherence to the party line is more important than telling the truth. In the long-run, I don't see how we survive as a nation without honoring the truth tellers, including John Derbyshire.