Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Baltimore County, RIP: Read the Sensational New Investigative Report on Barack Obama’s Plan to Lay Waste to Baltimore County, Maryland!

Published by Nicholas Stix

A longtime reader, agitatorX, just honored me by sending the following bombshell report.


City Data: Blacks-Only Zones

Baltimore Target Zones

HUD Tables

By agitatorX

Without much fanfare, Baltimore County recently entered into a “voluntary” compliance agreement with HUD to settle three claims of alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act, the Civil Rights Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The implications of this agreement are far-reaching and potentially disastrous for property owners in more affluent and prosperous suburban communities north of Baltimore City proper.

Due largely to the unwillingness of politicians to control black crime, white people effectively abandoned Baltimore by moving to safer suburbs north of the city. The nation-wrecking socialists of the current regime are about to begin carpet-bombing those suburbs with Section 8 bioweapons containing Shaniqua.

As reported in the Baltimore Sun,

“The complainants alleged that the county had maintained policies that kept low-income and minority residents out of the best neighborhoods by spending most of its federal housing money on housing for the elderly occupied primarily by whites, demolishing and failing to replace 4,100 subsidized housing units for families since 1995, and locating Section 8 voucher holders in poor and segregated neighborhoods.”

The translation is that since the bottom end of blacks that lay waste to any civilization they encounter destroyed 4100 Section 8 housing units within the city, and the city didn’t replace them, they’re entitled to new Section 8 units in nicer areas that they aren’t already in the process of destroying.

The agreement specifies that Baltimore County is to spend $30 million over the next decade bribing developers to build what they define as 1000 “hard units” for poor black people.

The duplicitous nature of the socialists in government and the media almost requires a foreign language dictionary, to wit:

“The county also pledged to help 2,000 families on Section 8 rent subsidies to move from poor, predominantly African-American communities to better-integrated neighborhoods with stronger schools, lower crime and minimal clusters of subsidized homes”.

That paragraph should be re-written to read:

“The county also pledged to infest high-value, low-crime, owner-occupied, safe neighborhoods created by white refugees from the chaos, dysfunction, mayhem and murder of black Baltimore City, with 2000 ghetto hoodrats who are guaranteed to degrade good schools, increase crime, and ruin what little rental stock there is.”

It is virtually guaranteed that the overwhelming majority of those 1000 units and 2000 Section 8 vouchers will be handed out to unmarried women with bastard children, and it’s a pretty safe bet that a good chunk of them are going to be Shaniquas with their five, feral, Future Felons of America®.

At least 500 of the 1,000 “Hard Units” must contain three or more bedrooms and none of them will be zero bedroom, efficiency, or single room occupancy (SRO). Nice racket, eh? You work your tail off to afford a three-bedroom apartment in a safe, affluent neighborhood, and the racketeers from HUD and Baltimore County will be passing them out like candy to Shaniqua. And she won’t be leaving any time soon. All of those units are required to be kept as subsidized housing for a minimum of 15 years.

Only a fool would believe that Shaniqua is going to live alone with her FFAs in those units. On the contrary, 60 seconds after Shaniqua moves in, the unit will become a “crib” for her dildo-du-jour named Letalvis to crash during the day after a long night of crack dealing, carjacking, and home invasions. In fact, what Baltimore County is doing is offering franchise territories and branch offices for all of the criminal enterprises that currently thrive in the city.

The agreement requires that the county contract with developers to provide units in buildings that are 85% not subsidized, but then requires that the owner not discriminate based on the tenant’s source of income (III)(1)(m). In other words, the buildings may not be any more than 15% subsidized now, but as soon as agreed-to legislation is submitted and passed, the source of income provisions will apply to all units. Therefore, anyone wanting to rent in the future doesn’t have to have a job, so long as somebody [the government] is paying. [N.S.: The foregoing bracketed remark was by the author.] You can see that train wreck a mile away. The county establishes 15 out of 100 units as Section 8 infestations. It only takes one crack franchise to empty out 20 units. Who do you think is going to get stuffed in there to fill those now vacant units?

The Orwell-ese in the agreement reaches new heights with this provision indicating whom the programs are targeting:

“...African American families and African American families with children. The County shall ensure that the Program provides benefits and services to families in a non-discriminatory manner, and no one shall be denied participation in the Program because of race or national origin.”

No discrimination, but whites need not apply. I suppose they might mean that when the county imports a few thousand morons from some sub-Saharan hell-hole like Somalia, they’ll get equal footing with Shaniqua.

HUD is strong-arming the county into enacting legislation that the county is required to repeatedly introduce until passed (2. Source of Income Prohibitions).

The “model legislation” specified in Exhibit A contains a number exciting provisions that don’t just apply to this particular bombing raid, but would apply countywide to any property. For example, it defines “discrimination” as “DISCRIMINATION INCLUDES DISCRIMINATION BASED ON SOURCE OF INCOME”. So even if you have no job and a history of living your entire life on welfare, no one can hold that against you.

The model legislation has another provision right out of the Soviet playbook:

§ 29-2-102. PROHIBITIONS.

(c) Property values; change in nature of neighborhood. Whether the person is acting for monetary gain or not, a person may not engage in discrimination by representing that the existing or potential proximity of real property owned, used, or occupied by persons of a particular race, creed, religion, physical or mental disability, color, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, SOURCE OF INCOME, or marital status will or may result in:

(1) The lowering of property values;

(2) A change in the racial, religious, or ethnic character of the block, neighborhood, or area in which the property is located; or

(3) A decline in quality of the schools and institutions serving the area.

What they mean by that is that if you tell anyone, anywhere, at any time (like at a public town meeting for example), that Shaniqua and Letalvis will be opening a Crack in a Bag franchise as soon as construction is finished, and that this will a) tank the value of your house; b) turn the neighborhood into a ghetto; and c) trash the schools, you will be staring at a ruinous Federal discrimination lawsuit. First Amendment? What is that?

§29-2-104 (E)(2) is kind enough to provide that an owner is exempt from discrimination based on source of income by allowing them to refuse to consider the proceeds of criminal activity when considering whether a potential tenant can pay the rent (!). Paging Rod Serling.

This carpet-bombing program also provides for all kinds of other freebies in what they term the “Mobility Counseling Program” or MCP. In theory, to be eligible you’re supposed to be employed, or in a training program, or seeking employment (!), or willing to participate in a training program but the second paragraph immediately launches into the hardship waivers you’re eligible for. Hardships like you have numerous small children by unknown fathers and somebody else isn’t paying for daycare, or you can’t afford bus fare or a car.

The program will no doubt hire hordes of “Mobility Counselors” to help conveyor-belt Shaniquas into those nice, 3-BR apartments, and offers a number of services like:

1. Credit repair; [?]

2. Financial literacy and household banking and budgeting; [?]

3. Housekeeping and maintenance tips;

[I wonder what the ebonics translation is for “It’s a rental...”? If they didn’t mind living in a garbage strewn pigsty in Baltimore City, what makes anybody think that is going to change?]

4. Orientation to “good neighbor” relationships, rights and responsibilities;

[I guess that means how loud to crank your ghetto-blaster at 3 a.m. on weekday nights, how to sit on the stoop yelling at each other all night long while smoking weed and swilling Colt .45, which neighbor’s driveway to ditch dirty diapers on, and how to present your stolen pistol when your neighbor objects.]

15. A fund to assist participants to offset the costs of moving expenses, security deposits or application fees as further set forth in subparagraph k. Security deposit assistance may be made through a revolving loan program;

[Yep, they’re going to pay to move them.]

19. Tours of housing located in the census tracts listed in Exhibit F, Table A.

[Yeah, that’s going to do wonders for property values; Busloads of hoodrats casing the low-hanging fruit.]

It never seems to occur to anyone to ask the question, what is any one of these transferees going to do when she doesn’t own a car, and she’s moving 15 miles away from the city to an area with no mass transit? What’s next, Obama-cars to go with their Obama-phones and Obama-Internet? Unlike the ‘hood, white suburbia doesn’t have a shabby ghettomart Stop n’ Rob liquor store hawking Newports that takes EBT on every corner.

It also occurs to me that they’re planning on building 1000 new construction or rehab’d units, but the units have to be 85% non-Section 8 units so they can stuff 15% of those units with Shaniquas. If there was already enough pent-up demand for 850 non-Shaniqua tenants, wouldn’t somebody have already built them? Once they bribe developers to create 1000 units, where are they going to find 850 non-Shaniqua tenants to fill them?

Naturally, to hide the scale and location of the targeted populations, the agreement only provides an obscure chart listing Census Tracts to be bombed rather than a map so that the victims will know what is coming. I suppose it doesn’t matter, since objecting would require suing your own county AND HUD to try to stop it. In any event, I undertook the laborious effort to fill out a map showing exactly where the bioweapons will be dropped. I could have almost just said “Everywhere in Baltimore County that low-rent, low-IQ, black crime is not.”

As anyone can see from the map, HUD and Baltimore County are planning on exporting the very riotous hoodrats that they created in the city into the entire county, thus destroying a vast swath of wealth. Since in the end no one will be left to pay taxes, whoever is left can just stare at the altimeter spinning in the wrong direction, until there’s nothing left but smoking holes in the ground.

When Maryland has been piously voting for their own enslavement for the last 40+ years it’s tough to get all choked up about people who are about to lose their life’s work and savings, but this should at least serve as a warning of how the racket is likely to proceed in other areas.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading a couple years ago that Obama had pushed through some kind of Fair Housing Act that the sole purpose was to move low income blacks into middle and upper class white areas.Before he leaves office the pace of destruction of this country will speed into warp drive.Today,more drug criminals were released early--with more to come.Saw on the Negro Nightly News the story of two white cops found to be not culpable in the death of a black thug.The NAACP came out screaming in response that "white cops should all be presumed guilty in cases of self defense with black criminals".I changed her words...but not her sentiment.
I guess the government wants all whites to move to low electoral states like Montana and become politically invisible.The only question is if whites move away from all these problack reforms-who is going to pay for all of it?My condolences to Maryland's hard working whites.
---GR Anonymous

Kyra said...

After regaining consciousness, I realized that the dark map is difficult to read with regard to one's own census area. Here's a link to a lighter, more readable map.(if I may post a link here)
I live right over the county line in NW and my community has already been targeted non-stop with feral black thugs stealing cars, kicking in doors/burglary, a few home invasions, armed robberies, ETC.
On the other hand, this could possibly wake up sanctimonious white "liberals" when they see what their pets are REALLY like when you get to know them a little better.

Anonymous said...

I doubt most white liberals live near blacks.In fact the best way to become more conservative(like I have gotten in the last 10 years)IS to live around blacks.It s fine for white liberals that blacks get mixed in with white neighborhoods--as long as it s not THEIR liberal white neighborhood.It s an eye opener to see how low class most blacks are.They will come up to you--as a white--and ask for money BECAUSE YOU ARE WHITE!!!When its happened to me,I understood that immediately.The section 8 blacks that started pouring into my part of town were not educated,refined people.They weren t clean and drug free.They were criminals.There were shootings 2 blocks away in the middle of my street.There were drive-bys.Obama refuses to acknowledge that kind of lifestyle exists or he would say it.He cannot acknowledge this or his idea of ruining white neighborhoods with his own endorsed black invasion wouldn t be possible.The best way for Obama to go forward with his plan is to ignore the facts--which they do at length.
--Gr Anonymous


You are going to see a HUGE decrease in apartment-complex building. No sane investor or builder is going to build, nor own, any rental property.

In addition, developers will soon ONLY build co-op apartments and suburbs. One will have to become a member to live there. You won't actually "own" your unit, or home, but rather a share of the entire complex. Then, if you are not accepted as a member of this PRIVATE CLUB, you will not be able to buy shares.

It is going to get worse.