Wednesday, March 23, 2016

CNN Terrorism “Expert” is so Pathetic, that He Makes Hillary Clinton Look Strong!

By Nicholas Stix

Earlier this morning, Carol Costello had a Peter Bergen on, to talk about candidates’ proposals for fighting ISIS. She cited Ted Cruz’ call for police patrolling Moslem neighborhoods, and said that that would be unconstitutional (untrue, though as Kris Kobach might say, it’s a roll of the dice, in terms of which judge or federal circuit panel you get), we’ve already got enough surveillance in place, and smashing ISIS (Hillary Clinton’s proposal) left him cold. (I don’t recall if Costello ran CNN’s usual phrasing of Donald Trump’s proposal—“more torture”—by Bergen.)

Bergen’s solution for destroying ISIS: A Hearts-and-Minds campaign, though he didn’t call it that.

Bergen’s brilliant suggestion is to have people who were involved in ISIS, and escaped, write testimonials, about how ISIS is not really a “utopia” on earth.

Duh. Everyone knows that. My kid knows that. However, in two respects, ISIS is a utopia on earth, and those are the two reasons why men join ISIS: You get to engage in mass rape and mass murder.

Does Bergen propose a counter-propaganda campaign asserting that ISIS terrorists don’t get to engage in mass rape and slaughter? If so, he’ll be lying, everyone will know it, and the program will be a worldwide laughingstock.

Then what is his point? He has none. “Hearts and Minds” has never worked. We’ve tried it before. Remember the War in Vietnam? The strategy’s notorious impotence may be why Bergen avoided calling it by its better-known name.

Is Peter Bergen a thinly veiled supporter of Islam?


Anonymous said...

Comrade News Network?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that I have the feeling that almost virtually every "escapee" from ISIS will turn out to be an ex soldier (young male), that will need to be brought to the US in order to be treated for the devastating trauma he experienced after participating in mass rape and murder. Of course, the females they tortured are never to be heard from and are still in the war zones being subject to rape, starvation and death. They are never spoken of by the bleeding heart pro immigrant hypocrites while these massive crowds of young men stampede into the West. In their minds, those women simply don't exist. Jerry pdx