Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fox News’ and Obama’s Upside-Down Worlds

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

I’ve watched every day the various stories about Trump and, frankly, it’s at hysteria levels. Megyn Kelly had a segment Wednesday night that showed 17 women reporters signed a petition pushing Trump to fire campaign manager Corey Lewandowsky for his “battery” (touching) of Ms. Fields.

Fox has really turned the heat up, and they are the least liberal of the networks. Kelly also had two blacks arguing about whether Trump is a racist or not. I can’t listen to two blacks argue about ANYTHING! Please stop the Jerry Springer crap.

Trump is not a racist, but the blacks calling him one are racist to a tee. They’re as racist as the NAACP leader yesterday, screaming about white cops getting off the hook. They’re as racist as Obama letting black drug dealers out of prison early. Anyone involved in lethal drugs like cocaine deserves prison time.

That blacks use and sell to other blacks should get blacks mad at those individuals who ARE BLACK! Obama is not doing anyone a favor by pushing for leniency. Hard drugs deserve hard time.

A woman doing simple cocaine or heroin is NOT being a fit mother. Yet Obama and Holder/Lynch will not see that fact. They’ll ignore the repercussions of simple drug use. A passed out parent cannot take care of her kids, and may contribute to their accidental deaths. Or the fact that they’re hanging around drug dealers is not safe for the kids in the household. What other poor lifestyle choices are made by these people who “simply” use drugs?

The drumbeat is getting louder every day against Trump. The media have joined forces with the GOP establishment. It shouldn’t be too long before Trump is pushed out to the sideline.


Anonymous said...

What's Chris Matthews doing this afternoon?Besides popping open the first bottle from a case of champagne sent by Hillary Clinton and toasting his professional hit on Donald Trump yesterday...just smugly smiling I d say.One bottle open and the rest of the case to go.Hillary is probably there clinking glasses with him for a job well done."To the future press secretary".--Hillary is saying to Matthews.
I give Trump credit for taking on all comers but Matthews is good.I compare this interview with Sarah Palin being destroyed by Katie Couric.Trump was badgered and pushed by an assassin.Hillary was in the grassy knoll out of sight but well in view.MSNBC will forever be known as the new Texas Depository.Maybe Trump got too overconfident.Unprepared?Probably.But meeting with a well known Dem supporter like Matthews was the big mistake....that he may not recover from.As Walter Cronkite might have reported while removing his glasses,"Donald Trumps bid for president ended some 38 minutes ago".Except in 2016,Lester Holt will report it with a smile.
--Gr Anonymous

Unknown said...

I love how they have picked blacks as their chosen poster child of victimhood. Using the most criminal and violent creatures on Earth and claiming they are victims is so bad its not even funny. But then the Left has a nasty habit of getting the least likeable people to pretend they are victims. Those crazy homosexuals trying to close down Christian businesses with phony discrimination charges is just killing their whole victim narrative. These are criminals and terrorist and they want people to see them as victims!

Col. B. Bunny said...

It was sell, sell, sell, sell, sell by Kelly on the "assault" on Fields, plus many replays of the overhead video but no network has yet done the freeze frame deal to show where Fields was jerked or she stumbled.