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The Washington Post Published a Cheap Shot Hit Piece on the “Terrifying” Donald Trump, and Then Deleted or Blocked Virtually All Reader Comments!


“Corey Lewandowski, campaign manager for Donald Trump. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)”

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Typically, a brain-dead hit piece on Donald Trump in the Washington Post—you know, the socialist newspaper that has a regular op-ed feature, ‘Trump=Hitler’?—gets several hundred, even over 1,000 comments, the vast majority of them supportive. I sometimes spend hours reading through them. But this one got only 11.

No, it didn’t get only 11 comments. Rather, the Post’s thread Nazis deleted or blocked anywhere from 90-99% of the comments that readers attempted to post. That means there weren’t even that many supportive lefties commenting, or we’d be seeing a few hundred of their comments. Within the socialist-communist MSM, the Post has been one of the most liberal (in the old-fashioned senses) outlets, regarding reader commenting. It will bear watching, to see if this article is a portent of bad things to come, or an aberration.

Since the Michelle Fields Hoax had already been debunked almost a week before Capehart’s er, thing, appeared, it would be reasonable to conclude that he was trying to keep hoax alive. Many readers probably pointed that out.

What Corey Lewandowski says about what a potential Trump presidency would look like
By Jonathan Capehart
March 17, 2016
Washington Post
Comments 11

“Solving our fiscal crisis: What’s wrong with Washington?” was the name of the Republican presidential primary forum the folks at Americans for Campaign Reform asked me to moderate on Oct. 13, 2011. The gathering at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., was noteworthy for a number of reasons, but one person stood out.

The New Hampshire director of the Koch Brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity was unlike anyone I’d seen on the political stage. The Granite State tea partyer was a belligerent presence with a burn-this-mother-down ethos that struck me as dangerous, especially after the debt-ceiling drama we went through earlier that year. His performance was so off-putting and out of place that I asked the organizers about him.

[Wait a minute—where’s the beef? This is where Caprehart should be enumerating all the terrible things Corey Lewandowski said and did. Instead, there’s nothing.]

Fast forward four years to last October when I received an email that put a name back on a face in the news. “I wonder if you remember that there was one panelist who didn’t quite fit in, In fact, I believe you asked me about his background after the event,” an organizer of the event wrote in an email to me five months ago. “Ring a bell? He was Corey Lewandowski who was with Americans for Prosperity. Yup. The same Corey Lewandowski who is now running the Trump campaign. Thought you’d appreciate the reminder, if you had not yet connected the dots.”

The passage of time scrubbed Lewandowski’s name from my memory, but not his demeanor. And it’s his demeanor that is front and center now.
A criminal complaint of “alleged battery” was filed against Lewandowski last week by Michelle Fields, the now-former reporter for Breitbart News who says the acerbic Donald Trump campaign manager assaulted her as she tried to ask the GOP front-runner a question in Florida. And a long Politico story on Lewandowski’s “temperament and inappropriate comments” in his current and previous positions shows that the rage that proved memorable in 2011 continues to roil in 2016.

Lewandowski is firmly ensconced in the tough trust circle that is the world of Trump. Despite the legal and reputational cloud over his head [from a debunked hoax!], the candidate not only had the campaign manager stand behind him but also gave him a shout-out during his speech celebrating his primary victories Tuesday night. [That’s what you do, when people are conspiring to destroy your campaign manager, and thereby sink your campaign!] And as troubling as that is, what’s terrifying is what this means about who could wash into government if Trump were to ever become president of the United States. Heaven help all of us if they are anything like Lewandowski and his principal.

[“Terrifying”? Did Jonathan Capehart say “terrifying”?! That is such a pathetic, pc cliché. Lefties always find the prospect of a Republican president “terrifying.”]

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Jonathan Capehart is a member of the Post editorial board and writes about politics and social issues for the PostPartisan blog.


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o Oldest First
3/17/2016 7:39 AM EST

The nation is ready for non-smooth talkers. Sugar coated BS is still BS.

3/17/2016 12:31 PM EST

okay, you're an a$s

3/17/2016 8:54 AM EST

Sounds like Capehart has a little "girl crush" going on....

Frederick Leatherman
3/17/2016 12:09 PM EST

I'm offended by your comment.

3/17/2016 9:43 AM EST

Sigh, I'm still hopeful that the majority of Americans do not want bullies in the White House. I know a lot of Repubs and they all seem appalled by Trump.

3/17/2016 12:31 PM EST

He's not running the GOP wave but the Tea Party folk, many who are registered independent, who are feel disenfranchised that they send 80 people to Congress in 2010-2014 but those 80 don't just get there way as they promised these folks they would.

They really believed that their Tea Party Representative in Congress (House or Senate) would be able to do 100% of what they said and now, instead of understanding how they were lied to, are hoping someone else (Trump) will do it for them.

It's not because they are dumb or hard-right... you see this from the extreme left too; look at the angry former Pres. Obama supporters who truly thought he, as President, could get 100% of what he said done, as if he didn't have to work with Congress -- even his own Democratic Congress wouldn't give him it all in 2009-2010. And the same goes with other elected officials.

These folks just have pent-up anger that they're not moving forward or believe they are being heard and thus jump at the snake oil salesman.

Nathan Burks
3/17/2016 1:39 PM EST

we dont want lesbians in the WH

3/18/2016 7:39 AM EST

Oh my! All of Trump's staff. acquaintances and campaign workers also targeted. Has this author ever heard of Van Jones, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, Jeremy Wright, Bill Ayers, Al Sharpton oh my the list goes on and on. I don't believe this author ever looked into Barack's political relationships. Perhaps the author is either a communist or a Muslim or gay. These proclivities seem to have dominated our White House over the past eight years.

3/18/2016 11:15 AM EST

MOM! He hit me!

He hit me first, Mom!

kneejerk, cmj

Sounds like you're okay with the way he assaulted the reporter and left bruises on her arm that we all saw.

But you're a Trump supporter so that's an easy guess.

3/18/2016 8:50 AM EST

Sounds like this guy from NH is setting up Trump's version of the SS.

Joycene Harwood
3/20/2016 2:41 AM EST

What Trump calls "politically correct" our Moms called acting decently, behaving well, and being polite. I wonder what Trump's Mom called it!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct about the Washington Post.A Google search of Trump and the Post leads you to a blog where the moderator never calls him Trump--but Fuehrer.There are readers who attempt to compare Clintons lies and poor choices as a cabinet member to Trumps verbiage about various subjects--and point out Clinton is the real potential Fuehrer--but to no avail.
"The Fuehrer must be stopped" is a standard reply.
Last Fridays Negro Nightly News had more Lester Holt and his daily segment:Stopping Donald Trump.If the Post is liberal,the Negro Nightly News is pure racist anti-white(and pro black when possible).
Steve Harveys new show about little mostly minority kids with talent(from what I ve seen of the promos)was given a block of time on the NEWS SHOW on Friday.
"The latest show people can t get enough of" Holt blathered as 90% minority kids interplayed with Harvey--who excuse me--is not funny.Is he the only person out there to hire?Then on a commercial for the new negro comedy"The Carmichaels",we see more black garbage and the next show after that--a supposedly white family--has blacks in it as well.
I realize I went off from the Post but its all connected.A proliferation of blacks invading our networks,trying to influence our politics and entertainment-with a population of 12-15% of our country!!!How?

Anonymous said...

Not even the Easter bunny is safe. jerry pdx