Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Donald Trump Has a Message for Brownshirt Bernie Sanders; Read It Here!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Trump is experiencing what Whites in this country have been experiencing for many years now. How does it feel to be White Mr. Trump?

Anonymous said...

Primary night musings:
Is there anything more irritating than listening to Hillary Clinton's strident voice telling the country what it should be like in her view?
To hear her tell it...she s going to help ALL groups participate in the rewards of being an American (without working I 'm guessing).
How can Democrats like Clinton and Sanders let thousands of black criminals out of prison AND improve this country at the same time?(Only if they don t live near them).
I just realized H.C never talks about taxes (how much they ll go up).
Kasich was called "prickly" by a Fox reporter today.I agree--except I d leave off the last two letters of prickly.I m not impressed with him.He might have more of an ego than all of them-.
and the less he wins,the more of a prick he becomes.Kasich only won 45% IN HIS HOME STATE!
Donald Trump sounds better and better as the victories pile up.
Ted Cruz is a decent second choice--but my hope is I don t have to vote for him.But it s ABC this year--Anyone But Clinton.
--GR Anonymous