Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sore Loser BBC Primaries Headline

By Nicholas Stix

“US election: Trump advances despite Ohio loss, Clinton extends lead”

You’d never know that Trump had swept the other four primaries in Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina. The Beeb also made is seem, in its lede, that Trump had only won Florida, burying his victories in Illinois and North Carolina in the fourth paragraph, while trumpeting Hillary Clinton’s victories in Florida, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina in the second paragraph, the first devoted to her. (At that point, both parties’ Missouri primaries were too close to call. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders would ultimately win their respective parties’ primaries there, in squeakers.)

The BBC may be an English broadcaster, but it is socialist and, like other British Marxist media outlets, and their cousins on the other side of the pond, wants to do what it can to harm Donald Trump.

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