Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Travelgate: When Hillary Clinton Deliberately Cost a Man His Job and His Savings, Committed Malicious Prosecution Against Him, and Perjured Herself About the Whole Affair


The victim: Billy Dale, being sworn in by Senate Judiciary Committee

The perps: Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, and Hillary and Bill Clinton, at a party on November 28, 1992. Note that Hillary had adopted a look imitating that of one of Bill's favorite Arkansas mistresses, Gennifer Flowers

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“Hillary and Her Goons: Secretary Clinton’s History of Violence and Intimidation Against Reporters.”]

By Nicholas Stix

In considering Hillary Clinton’s current candidacy for the presidency, one must keep in mind not only that she is a career criminal, but a sadist who derives pleasure from inflicting pain on innocents.

The following passage comes from my 2004 report, “BVDgate: All the Ex-President's Men.”

When the Clintons took over the White House [in January, 1993], they decided they wanted to put their cronies in charge of the White House Travel Office. Billy Dale had run the office for thirty-two years, under seven different presidents (starting with John F. Kennedy). Hillary Clinton, who held no lawful elected or appointed position, reportedly told White House officials, "We need those people out. We need our people in," and ordered Clinton chief of staff Mack McLarty and White House administrator David Watkins to fire the entire Travel Office staff. Which they proceeded to do.

Though it is not clear how they could do so legally, Clinton cronies, most notably TV producer Harry Thomason, were to take over the Travel Office, and turn it into a private cash cow. Mrs. Clinton then called the Justice Department, and sicced federal prosecutors on Billy Dale, even though she knew that Dale had not committed any crime. Seven months after firing Dale, under the incredible pretext of renewing Dale's access to the White House, White House counsel even prostituted the FBI, requisitioning and receiving Bureau background checks on Dale, in seeking to further smear him. (Dale was clean as a whistle.)

Ultimately, not only did Dale lose his job, but he lost his home, his life savings, and two-and-a-half years of his life defending himself against a malicious prosecution. Engineering a malicious prosecution is a crime. So, too, is perjury. Hillary Clinton lied to the independent counsel, when she denied having had any hand in the firing of Dale & Co.

Back in the present, [David] Gergen & Co. insist that Sandy Berger's crimes are "more innocent" than they look. Tell that to Billy Dale.

In November 1995, it took a federal jury only two hours to acquit Billy Dale on all charges.

The following year, the House of Representatives votes 350-43 to reimburse all seven of Hillary Clinton’s White House Travel Office victims for their legal expenses. Acting on the Clintons’ behalf, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid unsuccessfully sought to block this act of redress in the Senate.

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