Saturday, March 19, 2016

Republican News Publisher Softly Puts Shiv in Donald Trump’s Back

By Nicholas Stix

Last night, Chris Ruddy was on a panel on gay black supremacist Don Lemon’s show on CNN. Ruddy, the founder and publisher of conservative Republican news and commentary Website,, prefaced the following statement by saying that while he was personally neutral as between the different Republican candidates, his readers overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump.

“He is able to change his positions. And I think if he wins the nomination, you’re going to see a much more immigration-friendly Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump’s status as GOP frontrunner is built on one position, and one position alone: Immigration reform. When Trump announced, he said he would deport illegal aliens (“Mexican rapists”), build a wall to keep new ones out, and limit legal immigration, as well. His remarks about keeping Moslem immigrants out, and ending job-killing trade treaties came much later, months after he had cemented his status as front-runner.

By my reckoning, Trump has stumbled at least five times so far on immigration (here, here, here, here and here).

In early January, he reportedly told the New York Times that his tough stance on immigration was just a starting point for negotiations, and more recently, he went weak on H-1B visas, which have been abused by billionaires like Bill Gates to destroy the job market for American engineers through cheap, second-rate Indians, and turn personal computer companies into lemon ranches.

If Trump gets the GOP nomination, and then goes soft on legal or illegal immigration in the general, there’ll be a riot, and Hillary will win in a landslide.

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