Monday, March 21, 2016

The Hate Campaign Against Donald Trump is Just Part of the Media’s Racist Campaign Against the White Race


Re: “The Washington Post Published a Cheap Shot Hit Piece on the ‘Terrifying’ Donald Trump, and Then Deleted or Blocked Virtually All Reader Comments!”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Absolutely correct about the Washington Post. A Google search of Trump and the Post leads you to a blog where the moderator never calls him Trump—but Fuehrer. There are readers who attempt to compare Clintons lies and poor choices as a cabinet member to Trumps verbiage about various subjects--and point out Clinton is the real potential Fuehrer—but to no avail.

"The Fuehrer must be stopped" is a standard reply.

Last Fridays Negro Nightly News had more Lester Holt and his daily segment: Stopping Donald Trump. If the Post is liberal, the Negro Nightly News is pure racist anti-white (and pro-black, when possible).

Steve Harvey’s new show about little mostly minority kids with talent (from what I’ve seen of the promos) was given a block of time on the NEWS SHOW on Friday.

"The latest show people can’t get enough of," Holt blathered as 90% minority kids interplayed with Harvey—who, excuse me—is not funny. Is he the only person out there to hire? Then on a commercial for the new negro comedy The Carmichaels, we see more black garbage and the next show after that—a supposedly white family—has blacks in it as well.

I realize I went off from the Post but it’s all connected. A proliferation of blacks invading our networks, trying to influence our politics and entertainment – with a population of 12-15% of our country! How?

N.S.: A few years ago, Americans responded to a survey that they thought blacks comprised 33% of the population in America, even though blacks are only 13.2% of “residents” in the U.S. That mistaken survey response was no accident. For the past generation or so, TV producers, advertising companies, and “news” organizations have deliberately exaggerated the proportion of blacks in America by over-representing them.

And now, Hollywood is subsidizing a glut of race movies full of black faces. The only good side to this is that, unless white America is completely lost, the race movies will fail. However, Hollywood will keep on subsidizing more of such crap, as affirmative action extortion payments, unless and until whites boycott Hollywood, or do something more dramatic.

One may respond, “But what about the 1960s? Sidney Poitier made it to #1 on the list of top stars.”

During the 1960s, whites were not subjected to genocidally racist diversity training, 24-7, they were being very generous, as whites tend to be, and Sidney Poitier (who was a good, but not great actor) was surrounded by marvelous talent both behind and in front of the camera. That talent died off, largely, many of the blacks involved today are inferior talents, the screenplays (whether by blacks or whites) horrible, and whites are fed up. And when whites do catch race movies, they tend to do so in the safety of their own homes, because blacks have made it unsafe, in many venues around the country, for whites to watch any movies in theaters, much less racist pornography.


Anonymous said...

TV commercials are totally overloaded with blacks. You know those clean, smiling, well dressed, friendly and very articulate blacks advising all those stupid Whites on what to buy. My advice is to Whites is to boycott those products. You would see the characters in those commercials change pretty quick.

Anonymous said...

Google celibates Afrocentrism and Black Lives matter:

GOOGLE's Doodle 4 Google 2015/2016 WINNER- "My Afrocentric Life" by Akilah Johnson, Washington, D.C.

"Today's winning Google Doodle invoking Black Lives Matter was designed by high school sophomore"

"National Winner, Akilah Johnson."

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in one aspect,whites are being worn down by the sheer volume of this black propaganda--and that s exactly what it is.Propaganda aimed at white people to make them feel guilty about whatever blacks decide that day is pissing them off as they sit on their front porches--or in jail.Slavery,bad white cops,white drug laws that stifle the black free enterprise system(drug dealing),prison sentences perceived by blacks as severe and racist...invented by whitey of course.
The other part of it is money.I haven t done research on the success of ghetto films.It seems like they get advertised hard for a week and are gone from the theatre a week later.Kevin Hart must make a movie a month.Another unfunny black.The movie studios probably write off the losses--or the mpvies are made so cheaply-enough profit is made to crank out another.Case in point:"Barbershop 6" or whatever # they re up to now.You couldn t pay me to sit through a half hour of that trash.
As you say,the safety factor alone would keep whites away from a quality black film.But a quality black film would probably keep the blacks away
The only hope is when Obama leaves that some of this swings back the other way...but Pandoras Box may already be open.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The presence, proportion of negroes in movies, TV and all advertisements is just astonishing. No news cast I have ever seen around the nation does not have one or more negro anchors. Movies about western cowboys in the 1800's will have negroes. Advertisements for mercedes benz will have negroes. Negroes in space. Negroes in deep sea exploration. Negroes exploring antartica. Negro Presidents. Like McDonalds' 365Black, it is negroes 24x7x365.

Anonymous said...

Its insane.It s a quota system that doesn t take into account the actual population percentages.What fools everyone is the fact that major cities like Chicago,Detroit,Philly,St.Louis,Atlanta,Washington DC have majority black populations and forget that there are large areas of the US with no blacks.Also,why would any TV/movie executive give any clout to a group of people with low education,income and buying power is a mystery to me.But whenever cameras point at Chicago protesters for police corruption,you d think that the whole town(or country) is black.False perception becomes reality.
--GR Anonymous