Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Washington Times Fires Journalist for Confirming Ted Cruz Sex Scandal, and then Unpersons Him!

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Sinatra,Wayne,Hope talk on Larry King Live.(March 26th,2016--if they were still alive)
KING:An amazing show tonight viewers and listeners as we have managed to bring together arguably the three biggest names in the history of entertainment to the Larry King Show.Frank Sinatra,John Wayne and Bob Hope together at one table.A real treat to have you here gentleman.
BOB HOPE::Well I ll tell you Larry--with us,it s a pleasure to be ANYWHERE!
FRANK:Anywhere but Chicago (everyone laughs)
HOPE:Heard you had a concert cancelled there Frank-shortly before Trump cancelled.
FRANK:Boo hoo...we just went to more civilized areas of the country.
HOPE:Like Hawaii?
SINATRA:And Vegas.
WAYNE:Call me Duke.
KING:Duke you did a controversial Playboy interview in 1970,and among other subjects,the state of our country.Care to update anything?
WAYNE:Well,I thought It was bad back then Larry,but now,we re kind of headed for the OK Corral as a country--which isn t good.Everything I talked about back in 1970 concerning the appeasement of blacks has only gotten more ridiculous.Why groups of people get paid to do nothing is unamerican.This country was founded on a work ethic...not laziness.
SINATRA:Aint that the truth.
HOPE:The country needs to have a cheapskate like (Jack)Benny in charge of welfare.They wouldn t get ANYTHING if he was in charge.Benny was so cheap that when he gave Mary a birthday present,he made her take it back the next day."It was a gift for her birthday--NOT THE WHOLE YEAR"...Benny used to say.
KING:So who are you endorsing this year Frank?
SINATRA:Anyone Italian running?Trumps close enough in my
WAYNE:Not sure yet pilgrim--I know damn well it won t be Clinton or Sanders--that s not George Sanders is it?
HOPE:More like Colonel Sanders and this one is just like the Colonels chicken--overdone on the outside and half baked on the inside.I stay neutral on politics Larry.
KING:Fair enough.We'll continue the conversation for future shows.That s all for now,Goodnight everyone.