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Did GAWKER’s Virulent Racism Cause It to Violate Hulk Hogan’s Privacy, Leading to the $155 Million Jury Judgment Against the Pseudo-Journalism Empire?



Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

I haven’t read Nick Denton’s blog, GAWKER, in a few years. The reasons are simple. In addition to being as racist and shallow as a rag can get—its writers’ idea of a devastating takedown is to say ‘so-and-so opposes affirmative action, ergo, he’s a racist!’—after making you jump through hoops, in order to register to comment, if you criticize them, they block your comments! But sue them for defamation, and suddenly, the editors are true believers in freedom of speech. Yeah, right.

I also tried commenting at other Denton Gawker Media properties—the race blog posing as a sports blog, Deadspin, and the anti-white-men blog, Jezebel, but it was the same situation. You have to sign up for GM’s own comment software, kinja, which the thread Nazis then use to bury all comments by enemies, as “pending.” “Pending” means, ‘We are never, in a million years, going to post your comment, you miserable wretch, but we’re going to string you along… forever.’ The sole advantage the GM system has over standard thread Nazi operations, like at the New York Times, is that you can actually choose to read comments in the “pending” ghetto, whereas if you’re blocked by the NYT, you have been unpersoned, like the Communists who were cut out of photographs in the old Soviet Union. Well, Times publisher “Pinch” Sulzberger has been a communist his entire adult life, so I guess there’s a certain consistency to his censorship practices.

By the way, GAWKER’s current editor, Alex Pareene, has made a career of screaming “Racism!,” anytime someone even suggest that there’s a problem with black racism, or black-on-white crime. Five years ago, all Matt Drudge did was post a bunch of links to racist, black-on-white hate crimes from all over the country that were perpetrated over Memorial Day weekend. Pareene (then at Salon, which permablocked me a year-and-a-half to two years ago), went ballistic, and sought to get fired. But since Matt Drudge has no boss, Pareene and his allies, John Cook (Gawker) and Kyle Munzenrieder (Miami New Times), were impotent.

At the same time, the Chicago Tribune fired its readers. Editor Gerould W. Kern and columnist and self-proclaimed libertarian editorial board member Steve Chapman were responding to readers who had complained about their cover-up of an entire years-worth of black-on-white racial attacks.

During 2011-2012, the blogger extraordinaire Unamused, whom I suspect of being one of my sons, published a brilliant takedown of Pareene, et al. Unamused was then on one of the great rolls of recent journalism history, at Unamusement Park. However, the link to the article has been killed; indeed, the entire April, 2012 archive has been deleted, and even The Wayback Machine has been blocked from copying the archive.

My suspicion is that the sinister Alex Pareene—you know, the champion of free speech?—has found a way to extort one of America’s great living writers into silence about him.

Postscript: Regarding Gawker Media, the $155 million judgment against the company is only phase one—the punitive phase is yet to come.

Did GAWKER’s Extreme Anti-White Bias Propel Hulk Hogan Sex-Tape Posting?
By Anonymous Attorney
March 19, 2016, 1:36 p.m.

I typically come down on the side of free speech and the First Amendment, but Hulk Hogan’s $115-million invasion-of-privacy victory against Gawker has me enjoying a bit of schadenfreude….

As we pause to reflect on the verdict, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Hulk Hogan, aka Terry Bollea, represented just the kind of comically white buffoon they’d enjoy humiliating, with his blond mustache, huge muscles and goofy pro-Americanism. It’s hard to imagine them posting a sex tape of Kanye West....

[Read the whole thing at VDARE.]


Is that Megyn Kelly with Hulk Hogan?

No, this is Megyn Kelly. But the resemblance is strong, no? 

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Anonymous said...

..and the other one is Fox's Julie
But on the subject of racial comments bring smashed,I think I have to take some credit (a lot of it actually)for taking down their comments.It wasn't my intention to do that--my blogs were just honest views of black shootings and the deterioration of the West Side of Grand Rapids.I had arguments with blacks,liberal whites and backing from other whites.There were rumors of threats to the station(located on Cherry st--a ghetto area)if the blogsite was not removed.It was and guess what--the black crime continues and so does the decline of the part of town that I grew up in.But Shhhh--don t tell anyone.
--GR Anonymous