Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ron Unz Tries to Save California GOP, but is It Already Too Late?

By Nicholas Stix


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Extropico said...

"Last June the U.S. Census disclosed that non-white births in America were on the verge of surpassing the white total and might do so as early as the end of this year. Such an event marks an unprecedented racial watershed in American history. Over the last few years, various demographic projections from that same agency and independent analysts have provided somewhat fluctuating estimates of the date—perhaps 2042 or 2037 or 2050—at which white Americans will become a minority. This represents a remarkable, almost unimaginable, demographic change from our country of the early 1960s, when whites accounted for over 85 percent of the population and seemed likely to remain at that level indefinitely.

Many years of heavy foreign immigration have been the crucial element driving this transformation, but even if all immigration—legal and illegal—were halted tomorrow and the border completely sealed, these demographic trends would continue, although at a much slower pace. Today, the median age of American whites is over 40, putting most of them past their prime child-bearing years. Meanwhile, America’s largest minority group, the rapidly growing population of Hispanics, has a median age in the mid-20s, near the peak of family formation and growth, while both Asians and blacks are also considerably younger than whites. In fact, since 1995 births rather than immigration have been the largest factor behind the near doubling of America’s Hispanic population."

If I had to guess, I would think Ron Unz has an IQ in the 140 or 150 range. It is difficult for me to believe that someone with that IQ could sincerely write that the destruction of White America was a big surprise to a statistical genius who knew the immigration rates from 1965 onwards.

"The illegal immigration “solutions” proposed by grandstanding politicians are often worse than the problem. Democrats have regularly proposed dangerous big-government schemes, such as a national identity card, a federal computer database to continually track the activities of all American citizens, or even asset forfeiture–confiscating without trial the property of those who employ undocumented workers. Having the federal government seize ownership of several million private homes in California would hardly boost sagging real-estate values. Foolish Republican proposals like Proposition 187 have leaned more toward punishing illegal immigrants through imprisonment, thus salvaging our state budget by turning minimum-wage nannies into $23,000-per-year wards of the state.

For a state facing so many real crises–a disastrous welfare system and the urban degradation it has fostered, horrifying levels of crime, an outrageously expensive system of civil litigation, and hatemongering racial preference programs–to focus political attention on janitors and farm workers seems the height of irresponsibility.

All sovereign nations must control their borders, and reducing illegal immigration through a larger border patrol seems a reasonable approach to the problem. But hysteria is unwarranted. The confident, prosperous California of the 1980s certainly never viewed gardeners and housekeepers as a mortal threat to our survival, and restoring such confidence and prosperity should be the primary goal of our elected officials. California faces larger problems than Michael Huffington’s beloved nanny."

I wonder if Mr. Unz still views the Sturm und Drang about minoritization of American English speakers as "hysteria."

The final solution to differences is forced sameness coerced by a one world government.
They are coming for the White neighborhoods and they will not permit private schools to avoid "diversity." You see they actually intend for that to disappear.

No doubt, Mr. Unz would view that notion as "hysterical" in the 1990s. Would he think the same today?