Friday, March 18, 2016

The Relationship of Donald Trump to the GOP Leadership

By Nicholas Stix

GOP leaders act like a drowning man who, when a man on board throws him a lifesaver, throws it back, shouting, “Take your lifesaver, and shove it up your ass!” That man on board is Donald trump. And Trump keeps throwing him that lifesaver, and drowning GOP keeps throwing it right back, and cussing him out.

If the “leadership” clique keeps playing this game through the election, and costs Trump what could otherwise be a landslide victory over a communist opponent, there won’t be any more Republican Party to save. Don’t Reince Priebus, et al., realize this?

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Unknown said...

Sycophants and hired help don't have any thoughts they just take orders from their money supply. The Oligarchs are insane. They have had it good, but too much is never enough for the dumb and greedy. They wanted it all and have bankrupted the World. Now they are desperate because the people are wise to the culprits. This globalism is the dumbest of all dumb ideas. Ruling the World is not about money, its about strength and will and having an army that will follow you to the gates of Hell. These putzes have none of these things. Their wheeling and dealing may buy crooked politicians but the people will not follow weak and corrupt crooks anywhere. They are running out of time. The debt bomb is ticking. No one can pay the unpayable debts anymore, and these greedy idiots won't write it off even to save themselves. They have lost all touch with reality. Now they just play the same old games while the clock runs down. They are in a permanent state of denial. They will not admit they failed, or take steps to stop the end from coming.