Wednesday, March 09, 2016

What Obamacare Does to Self-Reliant Whites

By Nicholas Stix

“Health insurance for the two of us has so far been $346 a month. Next month however, it goes up to $583 for both of us. We can't possibly afford this, so I'm out….”

Obamacare costs so much for whites, because while their increasingly (pre-Obamacare) pauperized numbers dwindle, they’re paying for exploding numbers of black and Hispanic freeloaders.

[Read the whole thing (it’s very succinct) at Ex-Army Libertarian Nationalist.]


Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
Here is a local story that is stirring up some controversy. A local prosecutor posted some comments on her Facebook page about "profiling". Her name is Zoe Smith and she claims that blacks ARE generally the gangsters. Now that seems politically incorrect on the surface but she also claims that it's true that white men are the child sex abusers and mass shooters.
If you read articles and comments about this you'll note that virtually almost everyone is arguing about the stereotyping of blacks but not the stereotyping of white men, that is being treated as "common knowledge".
I think that Ms. Smith knew she was saying things that might be perceived non PC so tempered her comments with lies about white men.
I posted some comments in the linked article below fighting that notion and am still waiting for responses.
I'm wondering if this is going to go nationwide, kinda hoping it will.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Obama and John Roberts!

Anonymous said...

Washington County deputy district attorney's online discussion of Donald Trump, stereotypes sparks criticism

A Washington County prosecutor’s internet post defending racial profiling has some local defense attorneys concerned.

Deputy District Attorney Zoe Smith is “on board” with “the anti-politically correct movement to support Trump,” Smith wrote recently on her Facebook page. She added, “If you’re looking for a terrorist, look at a young Muslim male. If you’re looking for a gang shooter, look for a young black guy. If you’re looking for a child molester or a mass shooter, look for a white guy. That’s just common sense.”

GerMart  David McKinley5 hours ago

Infoman and McKinley: Please cite your source that proves that "white men" are the "child molesters" and "mass shooters". No, not NCIS and Law & Order, which give us a steady diet of white pedophiles, mass & serial killers, actual statistics is what I'm asking for. 
Do I even need to ask? There is none. You don't have it because it doesn't exist. 
There have been plenty of black, asian/latino mass shooters as well as plenty of reports of black child molesters. We've all seen them though they tend to get less of the sensational type of coverage than white men so if you are inclined to not want to believe they exist the media helps enable that belief. 

Posted the story and one of the responses.She was right about blacks and Muslims.
--GR Anonymous

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Previously I had an HSA plan through my employer (small company under 50 people). It allowed me to put away $6k+ a year pre-tax for when I am old and will really need the healthcare.

When Obamacare kicked in, my employer's rates went up 55%. The costs of course got passed to the employees. The additional money taken out of my paycheck wiped out the previous $6k in savings. So I went back on my wife's insurance (which was thankfully grandfathered)which has no HSA option.

If you have a job and pay taxes, Obamacare is a nightmare.