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Institutional Racism at the Antiversity


[Don’t bet on it]

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Race at Universities

By Christopher Jude
May 16, 2014
American Renaissance

Why young whites have no racial consciousness.

[Actually, they do. They can’t help but have one. They just don’t act on it.]

As a college senior, I see the real “institutional racism” in this country: the blatant anti-white prejudice at public universities. Here are some observations about race on campus.

I have attended two universities in Texas. At both, I noticed that some people go to college to get an education and some go to play sports. As expected, Asians are at one end of the spectrum: I have never seen an East Asian athlete.

Blacks are at the other end: most are athletes. The few exceptions are the bright ones, but the more intelligent they are, the more socially awkward they seem to be. You can tell just by the way they dress and talk that most blacks you see in class are athletes. They are usually sloppily dressed in basketball shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals. They do not carry normal backpacks that would hold books or a computer. Instead they carry “sackpacks” that hold only a notebook and something to write with.

These blacks often sleep in class, and almost never engage in class discussion. If a professor tells them to pay attention, they may get angry and cause a scene. When blacks do speak up or reply to a professor’s question, their answers are usually unclear and their vocabulary is childish. Some have an Ebonics-type accent that makes them almost unintelligible.

Most of the students I see are either white or Hispanic. The whites vary greatly: Republican, Democrat, ultra liberal, socialist, communist, apathetic, rich, poor, genius, dull. Ironically, it is whites who provide most of the “diversity” on campus. They have all sorts of backgrounds and views while people of other races tend to be very similar.

There is some variation among the Hispanic students; certainly more than among Asians or blacks. Some highly assimilated Hispanics are intelligent, academically engaged, conservative, and pleasant to be around. They may be members of the local College Republicans or Catholic pro-life groups. These are the Hispanics the Republican Party wants, but they are already conservative. The illegal immigrants Republicans pander to will never become Republicans.

Then there are Hispanics who think of themselves as Mexican or Chicano, and who are happy that they will one day be a majority and displace whites. Some of them are quite intelligent. Unlike so many blacks, they are at school to learn, but their education is a tool for promoting Hispanic supremacy and anti-white prejudice.

MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán) is a popular group on college campuses that calls itself a “nationalist movement of Indigenous Gente [people] that lay claim to the land that is ours by birthright.”


I have taken plenty of history, anthropology, and other liberal arts courses. If I did not have an independent view of race, I would leave those classes believing one thing: Whites are responsible for every bad thing that has ever happened in history.

Whatever the subject, the professors almost always try to throw in anti-European, anti-white ideas. They will use any excuse to blacken the reputation of Europeans, whom some call “the world’s oppressors.” I have often had to defend historical figures such as Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, and even George Washington. When it comes to the slave trade, professors usually ignore the active participation of Africans and blame it all on Europeans.

In one anthropology class, the professor could not go a single day without slandering the white men as evil, racist, or just boring. Needless to say, he was white. He often praised Mexicans as having a culture that was better than ours, and would downplay the violence in Mexico. He would urge students to visit Juarez, even though it was at one time the kidnapping capital of the world, and is one of the most dangerous cities anywhere.

This professor had lived in Mexico and been married twice to Mexican women. He said that our city—El Paso, Texas—should be turned into the premier Mexican city in America by replacing American people and culture with Mexican people and culture.

Sometimes I argue with students. Almost all blacks I have spoken to believe black slaves built the country and that we owe them reparations for slavery.

In one course, when a professor asked the class what could be done to destroy the monopoly of whites on American culture, I objected that the European influence on American culture was not innately bad. Black and Hispanic students immediately complained that whites were oppressors. The Hispanics delighted in telling me they would become a majority and rule the country. I replied that whites are being displaced just as the Indians were displaced. Hispanics say they have a right to be in North America because they have partial Indian ancestry.


Denying Race

It is always baffling to me how a professor can characterize all whites as oppressors while claiming race does not exist. One professor assured the class that race of course race does not exist, and that even if it did, it wouldn’t matter. One anthropology professor explained that there was no biological basis for race, but in the very next sentence began explaining that sickle cell anemia affects blacks more than anyone else. I must have been the only person in class to notice the irony; everyone else was dutifully taking notes.

In another class, when I pointed out that different rates of disease suggest that race is a biological fact, the professor began to berate me, claimed that my argument was “bogus,” and tried to make me look foolish by saying I had not taken enough anthropology, biology, or statistics to have a real understanding of race.


I have never been given a failing grade because of my views, but I have been marked down. Obviously, on anthropology tests, when I write that race is biological, that is the “wrong” answer so I lose points. On history papers, I usually get a few points deducted for not identifying Europeans as wholly responsible for the slave trade.


Most white students are utterly apathetic in this environment that is so hostile to them. They seem to have become so used to the idea that they are innately evil that they no longer speak up for themselves.

Most whites sit silently when a black student claims that the United States is an expression of white supremacy or that the opinions of white students don’t matter because whites are inherently racist. Some are afraid to speak up; others no doubt believe this rubbish.

I suspect many whites are physically afraid, especially of blacks. I once saw a black student attack a white for the most trivial reason. I was in line for a school event. A black girl joined friends at the head of the line, and a white student, who was acting as security for the event, asked her to move to the back. When she refused, he gently put his hand on her shoulder. She got physical and called him a “white mother f****r.”

I can only imagine what blacks would do if a white student spoke openly and realistically about blacks.

Many of the really hardcore anti-white sentiments I hear come from whites. A few even call for the destruction of the white race, though they are a radical minority that call themselves anarchists or communists. Most whites call for the destruction of their people more subtly, and don’t even know what they are doing. They say: “Well, those immigrants are just coming here for a better life,” or “Affirmative action helps minorities who wouldn’t have a chance otherwise.” Even so-called conservative whites are terrified. They love to say such idiotic things as: “I don’t care what race the majority of Americans are as long as they uphold American values.”

There are exceptions. Sometimes, after I have spoken in defense of whites or their culture, whites will slink up to me after class and thank me. They usually add that they aren’t “racist” but are afraid that is what people will think if they defend whites. So far as I can tell, there are only a few people on campus who think as I do. Needless to say, there are plenty of organizations for Hispanics, blacks, Asians, Arabs, Indians, Africans, etc., but an organization for whites would be unthinkable.

Young whites get this huge dose of anti-white propaganda at a particularly vulnerable time in their lives. Many are rebelling against their parents, so they are likely to dismiss warnings about anti-white propaganda. When I have children and they go to college, I won’t be that worried about sex or drugs. Worse than any drug they could take is the poison their professors will deliberately feed them.

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Chicago guy said...

This points out one important fact and that is that most of the professors pushing the anti-white point of view are white themselves. Education seems to draw radical types. Once inside they probably conspire to only hire those who think the same way. Programs like Affirmative Action were designed by whites. Bill and Hillary Clinton both famously hailed the eclipsing of the white demographic to the cheers of students. It's the leftist white segment of the population that's brought all this about. The education system is thoroughly infiltrated and needs a big shaking out which probably won't be happening any time soon.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Liberals were once thought of as the have nots by academia. This is not the case anymore.

Since the last quarter of the 18th century, the new liberalism, the liberalism of the immature and insane, manifested and immediately began their pursuit of their superiority achieved, without pursuing their maturity.

Therefore when they achieved their superiority, they became the immature and insane in charge and giving the orders.

Liberals have always decried totalitarians, until they achieved their superiority, were in charge and giving the orders, and now liberals embrace their own totalitarianism.

Liberals enforce their ideology/illusion via a headhunting, jackboot arm and fist policy of persecute to crucify dissenters.

Anyone or anything, dissenting from white liberal ideology is targeted for extinction. This includes the NRA.

Moreover, outlawing guns in America destroys our Constitution, which in turn destroys our nation-state, which finally paves the road for globalism, one of the white liberal ideology's dream of dreams.

The negro is by the nature of his r selective gene pool of a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum.

His natural place is in the negros low culture of the primitive savage, not the white man's higher culture of civilization.

The negro not only wants to enjoy the whites high quality of life, but wants also to pilfer white genes that one day there will be a negro race with a white cerebrum, and then the war will begin.

The only solution for non-liberal whites, the matured whites, is to separate out and away from white liberals and their allies which includes the negro, secede by declaring independence via abrogation, and never allow anyone that is not a non-liberal white into our new White Homeland.

The failure to begin acting on this today, yokes our white posterity to eventual extermination and extinction.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.