Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Support Your Local Hispanic Decapitator

By Nicholas Stix
October 14, 2010

(I can’t find a previous publication of this here.)

Mayra Nieves must be proud.

Three years ago, Nieves, the vice president for programming at New Radio Venture, the parent company of Spanish radio station KMYL (1190 AM), sought to aid and abet the Chandler Rapist, a serial rapist who had violated at least five girls from 12-14 years of age in the eponymous Arizona city, by demanding that the Chandler PD suppress the victims’ identification of the suspect’s ethnicity.

As I wrote in “Support Your Local Hispanic Rapist,”

She ordered police to instead refer to the suspect as having “dark skin.” She said, “I think this is racial profiling,” and also accused police of “stereotyping.”

That time the police refused to follow Nieves` orders and, eventually, caught illegal immigrant Santana Batiz-Aceves, aka Ricardo Ramirez Lopez, aka Chaparro, aka Shorty, an illegal immigrant who had twice previously been deported, following drug arrests; thus, his mere presence on American soil was a felony, and who was prosecuted, confessed, and was sentenced to 168 years in prison, no thanks to Nieves. (Batiz-Aceves was yet another of those “non-violent drug offenders,” whom we are always told unnecessarily clog up the nation’s prisons.)

But since then, Nieves has apparently prevailed.

As my VDARE.com colleague Rob Sanchez reported yesterday, in the case of three fugitives on the run, suspected of decapitating a man whom the Chandler PD had refused to identify, police refused to identify the men by race. The one man already in custody, Crisantos Moroyoqui, 36, was identified by the Arizona Republic as an illegal alien, and the fugitives are named Juan Campos Morales Aguilar, Jose David Castro Reyes, and “El Joto.”

Sanchez suggests,

Perhaps the Chandler police shied away because the suspected killers are all dark skinned Latinos.

In fairness to the CPD, the Treason/Reconquista/Open Borders coalition has waged war on it for years.

Please do not confuse the decapitation of the unidentified Chandler victim with the decapitation of Rolando Armando Flores Villegas, the police commander of Miguel Aleman State, who was investigating the disappearance and likely murder of American David Hartley or, say, with these four decapitations, or these eight decapitations. We wouldn’t want to encourage nasty stereotypes about Mexicans. Better still would be for the media to stop reporting on decapitations altogether, since certain mean-spirited parts of the population cannot be trusted to refrain from stereotyping society’s most vulnerable groups.

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