Friday, May 23, 2014

Jurors in Woodfork Murder-Lite Trial Shown Photos of Elderly Couple’s Injuries (the Murders of Bob and Nancy Strait)

By David in TN

On Day 3 of the Strait murder trial, the jurors were shown photographs of the injuries inflicted during the home invasion robbery in March 2012.

Tyrone Woodfork is on trial for one first degree murder charge and two rape counts concerning the death of 84-year old Nancy Strait and “allegations that he sexually assaulted her.”

The nurse who examined Nancy Strait at a Tulsa hospital testified Thursday about injuries to her vaginal area “that prosecutors contend are evidence of sexual assault.”

Well, what else could it be evidence of?

Nancy Strait died from her injuries the following day. Bob Strait, an 89-year old WWII veteran, died less than two months later. Woodfork was not charged for Bob Strait's death.

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