Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More on the Racist, Black Ft. Lauderdale Lynch Mob, and the Media Cover-Up

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MASSIVE "Knockout Game" / Trampling Event Ignored by Mass Media
By miketvsubs
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Large Fight

In an attempt to keep white people from panicking & demanding a response from the Obama, the media is downplaying an event in which "hundreds" of unknown assailants descended upon a beach in Ft. Lauderdale, FL Monday, leaving violence & loss in their wake.

The attack showed no signs that this could be a gang-related incident, as there was just one single small army laying siege to the general public. The assault stopped traffic in the area for over an hour while police scrambled to keep their wits about them in the face of such an unprecedented attack. Most of the victims were barefoot & wearing only bathing suits, unable to defend themselves or their families against the horde. Other victims were attacked in their cars while they sat helplessly locked in traffic.

As expected, The Obama is completely silent on this matter so far, just as he has been in almost all other racially-motivated cases where the victims are white & the perpetrators are black.

Dozens of arrests have reportedly been made, but suspiciously there is no word yet on charges or the identities of the perps. Presumably these details are being omitted in the name of political correctness.

Unfortunately, video & photos of the event are difficult to find right now. The media will only show grainy & distant clip of dozens of people marching near the beach. In every photo currently available, the attackers have been carefully omitted to show only police standing in formation. Reports indicate that the hundreds of attackers were stealing possessions & vandalizing cars as well as brutalizing & trampling the beachgoers who were just sitting ducks this Memorial Day. It shouldn't be long before personal videos begin to surface independent of the outdated restrictions of the popular media.

This link goes to one of the few reports available online:

[I’m posting it.]

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But this appears to be a story of the media covering up a racially motivated massive assault. If I'm right, there are more to come.

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