Thursday, May 22, 2014

The New York Times: What’s a Few Lies, if They’ll Save a Heinous Cop-Killer? (Ann Coulter)



Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

NYT-Style Statistical Analysis Shows 4% of NYT Reporters are Serial Killers
By Ann Coulter
May 21, 2014

The New York Times has been touting a study purporting to show that 4 percent of death row inmates have been “falsely convicted.” “Falsely convicted” is not “innocent.” But after being processed through the lawyer-to-journalist telephone game, “insignificant procedural errors” quickly becomes “27 guys didn’t do it!”

What the study [PDF] actually shows is that those sentenced to death are more likely to have their convictions overturned than those sentenced to prison.

Yeah, we knew that. Anti-death penalty fanatics fight every execution tooth and claw. Sometimes they get lucky. What the statisticians have proved is that it’s very difficult to be executed in this country....

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The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I remember Gary Gilmore from circa 1976. He made it clear he wanted his comeuppance for murder by firing squad. Nobody squawked about him being an innocent man wrongly accused, and wrongly convicted.

Gary was a white man.

No white man wants an innocent executed wrongly nor the real culprit walking free.

It is therefore crucially important to do the entire process with high levels of sagacity, acumen and investigatory protocol.

Liberalism is the failure to mature or transcend insanity.

Liberalism substitutes a preferred illusion in said reality's stead.

Liberal ideology/illusion, among other realities, needs to see the white man as evil whitey persecuting to crucify the innocent, lowly negro. It also needs to see the negro as victim of the white man's headhunting innocent negros to wrongly persecute to crucify.

How many of those convicted murderers on death row, that are being proclaimed as innocent by liberals and their LMSM, are negro?

Is there one white convicted murderer being lauded by white liberal ideology via the LMSM as a falsely accused and wrongly convicted, innocent man?

Were heinous white men such as, Richard Speck, Son of Sam, the Boston Strangler, a mafia hit man, or a Gary Gilmore ever lauded by white liberals and their LMSM as wrongly accused, wrongly convicted and in reality innocent of all charges against them?

No I don't recall any.

Would those liberals so sure that a convicted negro murderer, is in reality innocent, welcome the newly released negro into their home as a perpetual guest?

No I tend to doubt that.

I doubt it because it is one thing for a liberal to put the collective's money or life at risk to support his illusion, but it is a totally different thing for a liberal to put his own money or life at risk to support his illusion.

It is so easy to be a liberal, just shirk one's personal responsibility to mature, remain immature and let the great weight of the expense for that failure to mature befall the collective.

It is so hard to be a non-liberal, where one must embrace one's personal responsibility to mature. Where further, the non-liberal can and is wrongly maligned by the liberal.

Ann never mentions whether the convicted in question is negro or white.

But I will take the educated guess that the accused/convicted is negro.

Both white liberal ideology/illusion and negro ideology/illusion, are defended, supported and protected at any and all expense, especially when that expense is paid for by the white collective, and even more in particular by a non-liberal white.

Cheating is the prerogative of the immature and the low IQed, therefore cheating is the prerogative of the white liberal and the negro.

From the Sanctuary, where little things such as maturity, sagacity and justice still matter, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Chicago guy said...

A lot of these "wrongly convicted" types here in Illinois were actually guilty. They play around with words so as to trick the reader into thinking the involved parties were innocent. In addition most were hardcore career criminals to begin with. What one sees here is the fundamental dishonesty of all those involved, the journalists and the lawyers set out to deliberately deceive people. They are pretty close to the criminals themselves except that they had better educations and wear fancier clothes.

Anonymous said...

Years ago the Chicago Tribune [which is anti-death penalty] did an expose about the 700 or so persons put to death at the time and hoped to find those that were possibly innocent.

Three persons of the 700 were cited as being possibly innocent.

In two of those cases it was a no-brainer. Guilty!

Convicts murdering other convicts, death bed confession of the victim laying on the ground after being stabbed, etc.

With that third questionable death penalty case ONE piece of evidence was found to be lacking but a whole lot of other evidence not even mentioned.

Anonymous said...

The Byrd case in Texas too.

The colored man dragged to death behind the pick up truck driven by Aryan Nation convicts.

That one white man put to death and no liberal outcry.