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Ann Coulter Interview on Obamacare, the VA Scandal, and California Mass Murderer Elliot Rodger

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Coulter: Midterm Voters Won't Realize Their Health Insurance Is About to Be Made Illegal

Ann Coulter on Hannity

On Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox news Channel, conservative commentator Ann Coulter weighed in on the fallout of the Veterans Administration hospitals scandals.

Coulter, author of Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican, warned that scandal was a sign of things to come under ObamaCare. But she added that hasn’t been fully realized, especially by voters that will participate in this fall’s midterm elections because of the waivers the Obama administration has issued delaying the brunt of the consequences of the law.

Partial transcript as follows:

HANNITY: Here with reaction, author, columnist Ann Coulter. To me, the vet story is at the top, and the fact that there's no sense of urgency here. But then you got the outing of a CIA agent, and which really put him and his family at risk, and you don't see the same outrage when Valerie Plame, who was not a covert agent, was outed. That angers me. You know, what could happen next, Ann Coulter?

COULTER: Well, I'm looking forward to Valerie Plame's statement of outrage on this incident, and her useless husband. Maybe she'll get so angry that she'll force him to get a job. I agree the VA -- but Democrats never care about foreign policy, as I've said many times. They consider it an irrelevancy. What they want to do is socialize everything, like health care. And you see with the VA scandal why Republicans don't want the government running everything, anything run by the government. It can be these veterans' hospitals. It can be the IRS. It can be, you know, the National Science Foundation. It will be useless, inefficient. The people who are supposed to be doing their jobs will be sitting, watching pornography.

That's how the government works, which is why we want to give as little as possible to the government to do. I mean, even the Pentagon, even the Defense Department is constantly being ripped off by scamsters. And you know, the $300 ashtray, or was it $300,000? I don't even remember. We know there's going to be waste and inefficiency. That's why you limit the federal government to doing only those things...

HANNITY: Let me ask you this...

COULTER: ... only the federal government can do. But no, we're all going to be getting the same health care the vets are getting, under "Obama care."

HANNITY: But that's the point. The obvious answer, if they had any sense of urgency, is every vet should be allowed to go to any hospital they want and get immediate care so that no other vets die because of this incompetence. But wouldn't that destroy the left narrative that they're capable of running health care? Wouldn't that put a big hole in their big argument?

COULTER: Well, yes! I mean, all these left-wing economists, including Paul Krugman, cited the VA hospital system as the model for socialized medicine and "Obama care." And isn't it going to be fantastic, and it runs so well. No, we knew it wouldn't run well. We knew it would run like the VA hospitals, anyone who knows anything about VA hospitals.

How about letting us all go to whatever doctor we want to, and how about letting us all go to whatever hospital we want, instead of destroying health insurance in America, which is what "Obama care" does? It simply -- it has -- it has -- it has made health insurance illegal, and instead, we have a welfare system that we pay for through our insurance premiums, which makes "Obama care" the most regressive tax in world history. I pay the same health care premium as Michael Bloomberg does, and he has a lot more money than I do.

At least with other programs to pay for people who can't pay for themselves, there's a general welfare program. People, you know, are taxed according to their income. There's one central program. No, here I'm going to pay for everyone else's health care and their smoking cessation programs...


COULTER: ... and marital counseling and everything else through my insurance premium, which is not only astronomical, but prevents me from going to the doctor I want to and the hospital I want to! And why does this affect me and not most people watching right now? Because those waivers are working.

People are going to go to the voting booth this November without realizing that their health insurance is about to be made illegal, they will not be able to go to the doctor they want, they will not be able to go the hospitals they want. It's only the individual self-employed like myself, a few million in America, who are already subject to the provisions of "Obama care"!

HANNITY: I would actually suggest they set up a hotline for vets, or a Web site. But we know that's impossible for them to pull off. So...

COULTER: Well, also, what are you going to do, do that for the entire country? We're all going to be under government-run health care!

HANNITY: Well, I'm saying in the immediate -- in the short term, we got help the vets. But in the long term, that ought to wake up every American. If they'll do this to American vets, they'll do that to every American, which is your point!


HANNITY: And it will happen.

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