Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tulsa: Watered-Down Trial Just Began for Racist Hate Crime Rape-Murder of Nancy Strait (Husband Bob Strait’s Murder was “Disappeared”)


Tulsa murder victims Bob and Nancy Strait

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to my partner-in-crime, David in TN, who writes,
Day One of the Strait murder trial. Although Bob Strait was badly beaten and died afterward, the suspect was not charged with murder in his case, only for Nancy Strait. The death penalty was taken off the table months ago.

N.S.: The story neglects to mention that Woodfork confessed to hitting Nancy Strait once.

Back when there was justice in this country, Woodfork would have been convicted of both of these murders and hanged two years ago. Now, there will never be justice for Nancy and Bob Strait. Why was the death penalty taken off the table? Because Tyrone Woodfork is a racist, black monster. Then why charge him at all? (Oops, I’d better watch my mouth. I might give the prosecutors ideas.)

Daughter of Tulsa couple who died after 2012 home invasion testifies as trial starts


Tyrone Woodfork: The 22-year-old is accused of raping and murdering 84-year-old Nancy Strait and beating her husband, Bob Strait, in a 2012 home invasion robbery. The victims’ daughter testified Tuesday about finding her parents, beaten and bleeding, at their home.


Defendant Tyrone Dale David Woodfork

By Dylan Goforth
Wednesday, May 21, 2014 2:00 a.m.
Tulsa World

A Tulsa woman who died as a result of a brutal home invasion, robbery and rape in 2012 was beaten so badly that her daughter believed her eyes had been gouged out, according to testimony on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Erik Grayless gave his opening statement after the eight-man, five-woman jury was finalized about 4 p.m. in the trial of Tyrone Dale David Woodfork, accused of murdering Nancy Strait and beating her husband, Bob Strait, during a home invasion robbery on March 14, 2012.

Woodfork’s attorney, David Phillips, reserved his opening statement until state witnesses are finished.

Woodfork, 22, is charged with first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree rape, two counts of armed robbery and single counts of first-degree burglary and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The murder charge stems from Nancy Strait’s death. She died in a hospital following the attack. Bob Strait died weeks later, but the state medical examiner ruled he died of issues not connected to the attack, and Woodfork was not charged with his death.

[Bob Strait died of natural causes… in the same alternate universe, in which I’m seven feet tall.]

Grayless told the jury that Bob, a partially deaf 89-year-old World War II veteran, and Nancy, 84 years old and legally blind, had been married for 65 years and had lived in their home at 3333 E. Virgin St. for more than 40 years at the time of the attack.

One of the couple’s daughters, Andra Harper, testified on Tuesday. She was the only witness to take the stand before District Judge William Kellough called for recess about 6 p.m.

Harper testified that she arrived at her parents’ home with her daughter that March afternoon to check on her parents, both of whom had been suffering from a case of food poisoning. When she arrived at the home, she said, she noticed the couple’s orange Dodge Neon was missing.

She described the frantic search of her parents’ home, in which she quickly located her father, bleeding and beaten on the floor. It took her longer to find her mother, who was unconscious in her bedroom, propped up against a dresser, badly bruised from head to shoulder, bleeding from her face and vaginal area.

Woodfork was arrested the next day after a resident who recognized the couple’s vehicle from media reports called police, Grayless told the jury. Items reportedly stolen from the couple’s home, including a television, tools and jewelry, were recovered and shown to the jury on Tuesday. Woodfork allegedly sold the TV at a gas station, pawned other items and gave a necklace taken from Nancy Strait to the mother of his child.

Testimony continues at 9 a.m. Wednesday.
Dylan Goforth 918-581-8451

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Anonymous said...

WHY exactly WAS the death penalty "taken off the table"? If there eve was a crime that the proper punishment is death it is this crime.

NOT ONLY were the two persons seniors but disabled seniors.

This Woodfork is a beast without a soul and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Gave the necklace stolen from the deceased to his daughter.

Probably an illegitmate child.

Anonymous said...

The rape of elderly white women by negro men is an almost [if not totally so] exclusive crime committed by colored.

There is NO counter-part for white men raping elderly negresses.

The "brothers" just have a way about them.

Anonymous said...

How the death of Mr. Strait is NOT attributed to the original crime is beyond me. Action taken by this Woodfork only exacerbated and existing condition that led to the eventual and premature death of Mr. Strait.

What is going on here?

Anonymous said...

As of 10:25 pm CT Wednesday, I can't find any news items about Day 2 of this trial.

David In TN