Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Racial Terrorist Invades and Ruins Small, Bucolic, New Hampshire Town

By Nicholas Stix

Where race in America is concerned, the foreground phenomenon is one city, small and large, being terrorized by racist blacks who are both violent and litigious, and who are likely at any time to sucker-punch or slap an extortionary, frivolous lawsuit on whites and Asians. The mid-ground phenomenon is the support these black racists have from the head-negro-in-charge, the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” and his chief henchman, Eric Holder.

In the background is a third phenomenon, that of the white racial terrorist, who hunts after opportunities to support racist blacks against other whites. In New York, I have called several such whites, going back to 1997, “white Uncle Toms” and “white Aunt Jemimas” to their faces. In 1999, one such white Aunt Jemima went so far as to commit the crime of making a false statement to police, asserting that I had attacked a racist black female, against whom I had merely defended myself when the black committed assault and battery against my person out of the blue, as I was walking to work from the subway.

While white Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas love to use blacks, in order to terrorize other whites, they can’t stand living with blacks, anymore than anyone else (including blacks!) can. And so the white UTs and AJs flee urban and even suburban America for rural areas in places like the Pacific Northwest and New England… and immediately set about hunting for whites.

Jane O’Toole is one such white Aunt Jemima. She just moved to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire four months ago—the ultimate white interloper—and the other day, bagged her first prize. While dining in a restaurant, she overheard a private conversation, in which a lifelong, octogenarian town resident referred to “Barack Obama” as a “nigger.”

Now, it would never occur to me to refer to “Obama” as a nigger, because I don’t talk that way in private. I would feel like a coward for doing so. If I ever say nigger, I would want to do so publicly. However, there are powerful reasons for not doing so in New York City. First off, blacks already feel empowered by the racist NYPD and prosecutors, which have not only given them an unwritten legal “right” to brutalize whites for “racial insensitivity, but also the right to engage in racist violation of whites, and then to make up a racial fairy tale, after the fact, and assert that the white “called me a nigger!” Even racist black murderers, like spree-killer Brian Nichols, have done it. In 1993, I had a racist black 18-year-old call me a “nigger,” and then attempt to slash my face with a scissors, and then use the racial fairy tale, whereby I had called her a nigger, to get a get-out-of-jail free card form a self-righteous white prosecutor whose fear of blacks was such that he always took taxis, instead of the subway at night.

Second, I don’t want to descend to blacks’ typical level of depravity. In 1995, when I was researching the first of several articles on “black English,” I removed the ever-present plugs from my ears, and paid close attention to what blacks were saying in public places. Young and not-so-young blacks loudly said “nigger” in every sentence, sometimes twice. With their hours of non-stop jibber-jabber, that amounted to over 1,000 uses per day in New York City by each of at least one million local blacks (out of two million blacks resident here), for a total of over one billion black public uses per day.

Jane O’Toole would never dare criticize a gutter-mouthed black. She’d be too terrified. But here’s what she did to that 82-year-old white man, Bob Copeland. The next day, she returned to the restaurant, to make inquiries about who he was. Inquiries! Although she had no idea who he was, and his conversation was none of her business, she had already decided to destroy his life. And destroy it, she would.

Matthew Richer has the story at VDARE:

“Bob Copeland, Donald Sterling and the Criminalization of Private Conversation (for Whites).”


Anonymous said...

They had the case in Michigan where this woman had to serve jail time for saying in private: "I wish those spicks would be speak English"

Some woman deputy sheriff who is a Mexican overhead the conversation and took measures, meaning charges.

When I say Mexican remember that under Mexican law any person with even the slightest amount of Mexican blood is a Mexican national and subject to Mexican law.

Anonymous said...

As I wrote Matthew, somebody is a HWAB. i.e. a half assed white boy.
That should keep everybody happy.

Nicholas said...

Anon 1,

That was the Janice Barton case, which VDARE dealt with early in its history. I can't recall the name of the Mexican sheriff's deputy.