Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jury Deliberating in Woodfork Case (Tulsa Hate Crime Murders of Bob and Nancy Strait); What About the Other Perp(s)?

By David in TN

This video report of Day 4 of the Strait murder trial tells of testimony by the medical examiner. The ME described numerous bruises and trauma to the 84-year old Nancy Strait and said "this is what killed her." He also said she had been sexually assaulted.

The prosecution didn't charge Tyrone Woodfork with anything regarding the death of 89-year old Bob Strait.

In his closing argument, "Woodfork's lawyer tried to show there was reasonable doubt, stating that Bob Strait told police before he died that there were two men who broke into his home, but police said they never found evidence that a second man was involved in the crime."

Does it occur to you that the authorities are not all that concerned that another perpetrator of this horror is walking the streets?

Woodfork faces "life without parole" if convicted.

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