Saturday, May 24, 2014

David in TN on the Tyrone Woodfork Verdict in Tulsa’s Bob and Nancy Strait Hate Crime Murder Case

By David in TN

Woodfork Found Guilty in Woman’s Fatal Beating, Rape

Tyrone Woodfork was found guilty late Friday for the fatal assault on 84-year old Nancy Strait during a home invasion on March 14, 2012 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Woodfork was convicted of beating her husband Bob Strait, but not his death two months later.

A Tulsa County jury recommended a life sentence for Woodfork on the first degree murder and is still considering sentences for the other convictions. He was found guilty of two counts of first degree rape, two counts of robbery, and single counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and burglary.

"Woodfork did not testify during the one-week trial. However, some often high-volume video recordings of his sometimes animated exchanges with questioning police officers were played in court Friday."

Prosecutors said Woodfork kicked in the door of the Straits' home. Nancy Strait died the following day of blunt head trauma. She had also been raped by the then 20-year old perpetrator.

"Bob Strait was also beaten and died May 4, 2012. A medical examiner reported that he 'had many severe underlying medical conditions,' with the most likely cause of his death attributable to disease and no homicide charge was filed regarding his death."

When questioned by police, Woodfork said he hit Nancy Strait after she had kicked him and denied the sexual assault allegations. He also said he shot Bob Strait in the face with a BB gun found in the Straits' home.

There seems to have been no coverage of this trial outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Anonymous said...

I have a friend who has attended this trial. He says this young man has treated the whole episode as a joke. Murder and violent acts are not a joke. He also stole the Straits auto, was picked up driving it around the following day. I wish him a very, very long life.