Tuesday, May 27, 2014

“My Homies Die, and White Guys Die”: Covering Up a Hate Crime: WNEP Pipes Fake Quote, While Censoring True, Racist Statement by Black Cut-Throat Who Killed White Cabbie


Unfortunately, the only picture I could find of murdered cabbie Vincent Darbenzio was a crime scene photograph, coupled with a mug shot of confessed racist murderer Aazis Richardson

By Nicholas Stix

I thank the reader who reported this to me.

FledEverett said...

In the perp video on WNEP news webpage, perp says, "Homies die so white guy die." However no news story on this event reports that. In fact WNEP's own article under their video, changes perp words to "everybody got to die."

The fake quote reads: “‘I feel my homies die, everybody got to die,’ said Richardson.”

How frequently are “news” organizations lying like this? Or rather, do they ever tell the truth about race and crime? Meanwhile, the media misrepresent all sorts of statements by whites as "racist."

Note that Aazis Richardson had a female neighbor call the taxi for him, under the pretext that he didn’t have a phone. That was likely because he knew that the company would send a car for a female of any race, but not for a black male. Note too that he was back home again, when he got arrested, which suggests that the robbery-murder was premeditated, and that he had only had the neighbor call the taxi, so that he could rob and murder the driver, and return home with the cash.


16 Year Old Charged in Scranton Cab Driver’s Murder
Posted on: 10:00 pm, May 23, 2014, by Peggy Lee, updated on: 09:29 p.m., May 23, 2014

SCRANTON — A 16 year old is locked up on murder charges for the shooting death of a cab driver in Scranton.

Aazis Richardson was arraigned Friday night on numerous felony charges for killing Vincent Darbenzio early Friday morning.

Aazis Richardson is charged with murder in the first, second and third degrees.

Police said Richardson was riding in Darbenzio’s cab when Richardson shot him because he felt the driver was trying to overcharge him.

“What did you say to him when you guys were in the cab together?” Richardson was asked.

“I didn’t say [expletive] to him, I just told him take this way, he didn’t want to listen, he got his [expletive] shot.”

Aazis Richardson not only showed no remorse for allegedly killing a Scranton cab driver, he also appeared to justify it.

“I feel my homies die, everybody got to die,” said Richardson.

Scranton police charged Richardson with numerous felony charges, including murder in the first, second and third degrees for the shooting death of McCarthy cab driver Vincent Darbenzio.

Investigators say Darbenzio picked up Richardson at a double block home on Washburn Street around 3:00 Friday morning then drove him to Valley View Terrace Apartments.

Darbenzio’s body was found around 5 a.m. on Crown Avenue, hanging out of his driver’s side door with two gunshot wounds to the head.

Tracking the cell phone records of who called the cab, police were led back to the double block home on Washburn Street and found Richardson hiding in the attic with a handgun hidden in a bag and took him into custody.

Richardson told police he killed Darbenzio because the cab driver was taking the long way to get to Valley View and ignored Richardson when he told him shortcuts.

Richardson said Darbenzio was ripping him off by trying to run up the meter, so he shot him twice then stole $500 from him.

“You shot him twice, why twice?” he was asked.

“Cause that’s what I do to people who don’t listen,” he said.

Police do say that Richardson himself did not call for the cab, but a female living in the adjoining apartment called for him.

She told police she didn’t know Richardson personally, that he told her he didn’t have a phone and he asked that she call a cab for him.

“What about your parents, do you have anything to say to your family?” he was asked.

“I love y’all,” he said.

When asked: “What about the victim’s family?” Richardson said “[Expletive] them.”

Richardson says he is originally from Newark, NJ and told police he is suspect in a triple homicide there.

The Lackawanna County District Attorney says investigators will be contacting police in New Jersey about those remarks.

Richardson has a preliminary hearing set for May 30.


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I believe in the necessity of a new White Homeland.

However, for the time being, while we all still live on American soil, but also, further on down the road in a new white land, separate laws must materialize to deal with negros and other losers of planet Earth in a more realistic way.

Because the negro is a more animalistic or r selective sub-species of human, he should be treated that way.

At least it is clear to me that we non-liberal, non-apostate whites must fight fire with fire.

The white liberal cheats, but we non-liberal whites are held to the higher standards of maturity, and the cheaters win.

Only when dealing with our own kind, fellow non-liberal whites, should we apply our higher standards. This should be, crystal clear.

That negro culprit should be tried, but when and if found guilty, he should face the hangman in public, be dropped without breaking the neck, and left dangling and kicking until he is dead.

The message sent must be clear, unambiguous and forcibly loud.

You do murder to our kind, we do this brand of justice to your kind.

In a land where white liberal ideology/illusion is the lay of the land, this seems cruel. But take a look at that cabbie. He could be your son, he could be some little girls dad.

How much suffering will we non-liberal whites bear before we finally throw off the yoke of the white man's burden?

One look at that dead white cabbie and I sense I know what justice would be here.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Just one other little thought, on my screen, which needs a screen driver update, but I have no funds, many colors are sullied, but the white looks well tanned, perhaps a little liberal whitewashing of the scene making the white guy look un-white, and somewhat dark.

If you notice, his face and therefore facial features cannot be seen.

FTS< PDK< Thanks.

Anonymous said...

As has been noted on this blog many times before, there is a race war going on in this country. The White cabbie is a victim of that race war that blacks are conducting in this country on a daily bases against Whites. This race war is helped out by the nefarious main stream media. The media is part and parcel of a sinister plot to genocide Whites. Whites must fight back.

Anonymous said...

He's just a "child" and "little boy" who's too young and innocent to form the mens rea and criminal intent to commit murder and robbery. A 20-year-old female who assented to sex with this creature out of fear would be charged with "sexual assault" and vilified as a "rapist" and "pedophile" and sentenced to months in jail or years in prison and registration for life as a uniquely execrable and dangerous criminals.

Anonymous said...

There really is no bottom in these crimes, is there? Many MSM sources took the killer's justification at face value. They would, wouldn't they?

David In TN

Nicholas said...


"However, for the time being, while we all still live on American soil, but also, further on down the road in a new white land, separate laws must materialize to deal with negros and other losers of planet Earth in a more realistic way."

Never happen. We already have separate laws--to oppress whites. As long as whites share the same space with blacks, there will be no law, and no peace. Words will be meaningless.

Nicholas said...


"There really is no bottom in these crimes, is there? Many MSM sources took the killer's justification at face value. They would, wouldn't they?"

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Meanwhile, they treat law-abiding, productive, decent whites like the scum of the earth. Media bias is too weak a term. We need to speak of media evil.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Nick, with all due respect, once we have our own land again, never again can we allow the liberal and his ideology/illusion the one inch he needs to steal our new homeland.

Liberal ideology, punishable by banishment.

We will lay the law down as hard as possible at first, then tighten it as we can until the lowly negro wants no part of us.

That is how nature does it, that is how we will do it.

Thanks for the mention bro.

FTS, I'm PDK: Thanks

I read your piece over a VDare, so true, absolutely despicable but 100% true. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


As Nicholas points out, there is not going to be a White Homeland. You're wasting our time calling for what will never happen.

David In TN

Unknown said...

Oh, piss off!