Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hate Crime Cabbie Killer Aazis Richardson: Concern Troll at Steve Sailer’s Blog Tries to Rescue Media Lies by Telling More Lies


“Black” cabbie Vincent Darbenzio. The MSM had no interest in showing his face; I had to find this picture at a memorial site.

By Nicholas Stix

Anonymous said...
Hey Steve, can you let Nicholas Stix know that his recent VDare article is inaccurate?

He claims that in the video the black guy says “My Homies Die, and White Guys Die” but that is not what he said. The news report got it right when they reported that he said "My homies die so everybody gotta die".

Not to mention the guy he killed was also black, so it makes no sense.

We don't need to use sensationalism to plead our case, it's good enough already.
5/27/14, 11:05 PM

See for yourself, what Richardson said.

I just posted the following comment at Steve’s blog.
I just played the video yet again. As I reported, confessed murderer Aazis Richardson said, “My homies die, and white guys die.”

And the photograph from Vincent Darbenzio’s obituary is at Not very black, is he?

Are you from the AP, Anonymous Coward? The SPLC? Are you a tenured J-School prof? Wherever your home is, you lie like a pro, pal!

Maybe he works for WNEP or CNN. If he’s a journalist, it wouldn’t be the first time one anonymously posted lies on a comment thread, to try and discredit a story of mine.

[I forgot to say "lie" in my post at Steve's blog; I just added it.]


Takimag reader said...

It might have been "guys" or it might have been just "guy".
Either way, he definitely said "white".

jeigheff said...

Innocent white cabbie die, soulless black murderer die.