Saturday, May 24, 2014

Open Borders’ Brave New World

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

How Unchecked and Unreformed Immigration Helps Drive Us to a Brave New World
By Donald A. Collins
May 23, 2014

Mass immigration is driving us to a dystopian future. And the frustration, anger, and seemingly spontaneous rage generated by everyday life is only going to get worse.

Everyone can relate to being furious about massive traffic jams during a daily commute or even while running errands in any typical American city. This leads to what we call “road rage” – the deaths and violence we simply accept as a side effect of modern life.

But it’s not normal. During my halcyon youth in a small city in the beautiful hills of Western Pennsylvania, we were an orderly nation with less than 150 million people. The social stress of overcrowding simply did not exist.

And there are bigger problems than just trying to find a parking spot. Having to deal with an ever increasing number of people from all around the world necessitates ever larger government and more violations of what Americans used to regard as our traditional liberties.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. There is a vast amount of this country that cannot be lived in, mountains, deserts, swamps, with most legal and illegal immigrants going to already crowded cities.