Monday, May 26, 2014

Media Silence on Half-Chinese Elliot Rodger’s Hate Crimes Against Whites

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks for this to Prince George’s County Expat, who writes,

So, a non-white male who hated white females.

Yet no mention of "hate."

Why is that?

Ramzpaul: Elliot Rodger – Eurasian Killer Hunted Blonde Girls

Upload by the ramzpaul.

See: “A Reader Has a Correction on ‘Self-Described Eurasian’ Elliot Rodger”; and

“Anti-Blondism And Elliot Rodger’s ‘Extremely Intentional Racial Hate Crime.’”

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Stan D Mute said...

RE: gun grabbers and the Isla Verde homicidal Aspie -

I wanted to wait through the weekend in case my prediction was wrong (knowing nonetheless that it was spot-on). In the effeminate freak's manifesto/autobiography he mentions around five times:

"If the Day of Retribution were to happen, it would have to be on a normal weekend. There would be too many cops walking around during an event like Halloween, and cops are the only ones who could hinder my plans."

In other words, only people with guns can stop me. And in mostly gun free California, he was correct.

If anything, this disgusting episode should be a lesson for all law abiding citizens to carry for self-defense. We *know* there are thousands, maybe tens or even hundreds of thousands, of other Aspies as well as sociopaths and psychopaths out there. How many feel as Rodger did? How many are monitored closely enough by their parents or the state to ensure they have no access to guns, knives, explosives, cars, or any type of pointy things?

Stan D Mute