Monday, February 08, 2016

New York Times Reader: American Blacks Lack Personal Dignity

By Jaysonrex31

[Re: “The New York Times and John McWhorter: Blacks Have a Right to Slaughter Whites.”]

South of Equator
February 4, 2016
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It is a pity that no one ever taught Blacks that personal dignity is the most important aspect of education.

The outcome is a real disaster that can be easily seen in each and every manifestation that the so-called Black community puts forth at the 'drop of the hat', such as "Black lives matter".

The old and tired "victimhood approach' ought to be looked upon as profoundly demeaning but, unfortunately, is not. In fact, many comments posted to this column proves this truism: 'Blacks claim to be persecuted by Whites because ... the color of their skin is, well, not White.

Some segments of the press, like N. Y. Times, are fomenting and encouraging such malignant posture that will only make Whites despise Blacks for their lack of personal dignity.

This situation persists even after Barack Obama was elected (and re-elected) President. This means that one can expect to see substantial changes in the Blacks' mentality only after a few more centuries have passed. So be it.

Personally, I am a "color-blind" person and proud of it. And whenever I meet a White or Black racist (and most are), I just keep away since there is little I have in common with such individuals.

The American Blacks ought to focus first and foremost on education so that they can indeed make substantial contribution to [Comment was cut off at this point.]

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