Thursday, February 11, 2016

Washington D.C. Lawmakers Find a New Way to Subsidize Muggers

By Nicholas Stix

This—bribing criminals not to commit crimes—is not only utterly depraved in theory, it will be completely unproductive in practice. The muggers will take the money, and continue mugging people.

It is, however, constituent with socialist/communist talking points, to which increasing numbers of Republicans have submitted. If criminals’ only problem is poverty, then it can be solved by simply giving them more money.

Never mind that it’s never worked that way, or that we’re already giving these people massive sums in welfare: TANF (“welfare”) money, social security disability, “free” food stamps, “free” health care, “free” schools, free cell phones, three free school meals per day (yes, even dinner!), “free” social workers, “free” summer jobs for youth… The list is endless, as are the demands.

As always, the causality is reversed. Lower-class, black and Hispanic criminals aren’t criminals because they’re poor, they’re “poor” because they’re criminals. Except that they’re not poor. When you total up all the welfare they receive, plus the proceeds of their crimes, they have considerably higher incomes than law-abiding members of the working class. That the criminals are perpetually broke is because they blow everything they get their hands on, on drugs/booze/whatever.

It was the “civil rights”/welfare (bribe) revolution that led to the crime revolution.

For the can’t-make-this-up file, Washington D.C. lawmakers unanimously approved a bill that would start a pilot program to pay residents not to commit crimes.

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