Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Hate Crime “Papa John’s” Murder of Gordon Schaffer: A Status Update


War crime victim Gordon Schaffer, 22

Suspected war criminal Rodney Harvell

Suspected war criminal Darious Fitzpatrick, though only 17, is already a violent career criminal with several felony convictions as a juvenile; his example is spurring calls for juvenile justice reform in Tennessee

[“Papa John's CEO Attends Funeral of Employee Shot Dead by Robbers While Working at the Popular Pizza Chain - and Pays for his Service and Medical Expenses.”]

By David in TN

I went by the Maury County Courthouse today. No change, still an April 25 trial date. On January 6, the Nashville ABC affiliate filed a request for courtroom access.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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David In TN said...

I checked the status of this case at the Maury County Courthouse today, April 15. The trial date has been moved from April 25 to July 25. That is when jury selection starts. As you know, Tennessee moves pretty fast when they get started. If the jury is seated that day, which I was told is likely, opening statements will be the very next day.

David In TN said...

Last Tuesday, July 19, I stopped by the Maury County Courthouse and asked if the trial for the Gordon Schaffer murder was still set for July 25 jury selection. I was told it was.

I assumed today, July 26, would be the first day of trial. I went expecting a full day of testimony, first stopping by the Circuit Court office. I was told the trial had been postponed (again), this time to November 28.

So now it's the first day after Thanksgiving. They may be waiting for the plea bargain.

David In TN said...

Well, the November 28 date for jury selection didn't come off. I went by today and was told there is another "continuance." They didn't know what the new date will be. I'll check again in a few weeks.

I presume the defense is negotiating for a plea bargain of "life until parole."