Sunday, February 21, 2016

Forget About that Report on Great White Spree Killer—Advantage Trump, Advantage Trump!

Previously, at , on this case of what turns out to be a case of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome:

“Breaking News: MSM Get Their Great White! In Kalamazoo County, Michigan, White Man Driving Around Shooting People Has Killed 6, and Wounded 3, so Far; Killer is Still at Large!


Anonymous said...

No one ID'ed yet on WOODTV.Still on the run at 12:53am.They are checking surveillance cameras at the car lot.Still reporting as white.
--GR anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Suspect is arrested.Dark colored HHI vehicle stopped by police.The suspect was driving this vehicle.Police were stopping all dark colored vehicles and found the perp driving around.A weapon was recovered.No motive as yet.

Chicago guy said...

The person pictured named Daryush is the famous 'Roosh'.