Thursday, February 11, 2016

Is that the National Broadcasting Company, or the Negro Broadcasting Company?


NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt

By An Anonymous Reader

[Re: “New Frontiers in Newspeak: NYPD Says Mass Murder Suspect Michael Sykes is Wanted ‘Regarding’ ‘stabbing death of a woman & 2 children,’ Rather than ‘Wanted for [or in] the Stabbing Murders of a Woman and 2 Children.’”]

Right... “person of interest”


NBC News weatherman Al Roker

In other b.s. on the Negro Nightly News...We start off with Lester Holt introducing another anti-Trump story... followed by fellow black Al Roker talking about winter storm crisis #40, and then fellow black Rehema Ellis on mosquitoes and the disease of the month. I haven’t seen a white person yet. Don’t they believe in token white hiring at The Negro Broadcasting Company?

NBC News chief education correspondent Rehema Ellis

Ron Mott, another black, is on deck with something. I tuned out.

Any possible reason for all these blacks on one news show?


NBC News reporter Ron Mott

N.S.: When Lester Holt was named the disgraced Brian Williams’ “interim replacement” at NBC News, it was obvious that Holt was a permanent replacement, and I was happy for him. Holt was the hardest working man in broadcast news, on air at all hours of the day and night, on all sorts of different NBC News properties as a weekend anchor and fill-in man. However, the usual has since happened. Put a black in charge, and the organization gets blackified.

Was the “Obama” Effect at work, or was the John Doe calling himself “Barack Hussein Obama” unnecessary? Although the disappearing of white men has been underway for over 50 years, the “Obama” Effect radically accelerates everything, through emboldening black supremacists and their white allies.

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Anonymous said...

Unprovoked: 81-year-old white man attacked with shelving pole in Lauderhill.
Victim says he wants suspect to get help...see video of his injured face and photo of perp