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MTV Black History Month Video: Blacks Invented Everything, and Created All the Wealth in America

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I thank the reader who gave me this link, writing:

MTV video promoting Black History Month: 'A World Without Black History' | MTV News


You have got to watch this. Shows how far the Left's propaganda machine has gone in promoting black "invention" lies, exaggerations, and myths as "facts" to our youth. Beyond BS.
See how long you can tolerate the video below. I made it about one minute in, before “learning” that a black man invented open-heart surgery. Based on my long experience with “black history” hoaxes, I was sure that it was a lie, and sure enough it was.

This video could just as well have been produced by the Nation of Islam.

Black supremacists and their white sycophants credit Dr. Daniel Hale Williams with inventing open heart surgery in 1893, but according to what I dug up, the candidates were:

Francisco Romero of Spain (1801)

Baron Dominique-Jean Larrey of France (1810)

Henry C. Dalton of St. Louis (September 6, 1891)

Ludwig Rehn of Germany (September 10, 1896)

Dr. Alfred Blalock, Vivien Thomas, and Dr. Helen Taussig, in Baltimore (1944)

Dr. John H. Gibbon Jr. in Philadelphia (May 6th, 1953)

One source I read (actually more than one) maintains that in the sense under which people understand “open heart surgery,” the procedure was not invented until the 1950s, and no blacks were involved in inventing the procedure.

Biography.com also denies that Dr. Daniel Hale Williams invented open heart surgery.

After that, while I was able to eventually finish watching the video, I did not waste any more time checking out its wild claims, some of which, e.g., that the wealth that slaves produced picking cotton in the South, financed Northern industry, were ridiculous on their face.


Published on Feb 3, 2016

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It’s Black History Month! And while most people take this opportunity to learn about and reflect upon the accomplishments and struggles of African-Americans, plenty more choose to criticize the annual celebration. What many fail to realize is that black history is largely overlooked within the broad scope of American history, and the purpose of Black History Month is to spread awareness of this vibrant cultural past as well as black americans' important contribution to the development of the USA as we know it. After all, without black history, America would be a very different place!


To learn more about some famous African-American Inventors:

Mark Dean: Co-Invented the Personal Computer

Gerald A Lawson: Helped Develop The Video Game Console

George Crum: Invented Potato Chips

James Edward Maceo West Developed the Foil Microphone Used in 90% of Cell Phones

Jan Ernst Matzeliger Revolutionized Shoe Manufacturing in the 1800's

Lewis Lattimer Developed Long Lasting Carbon Filament for Lightbulbs

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performed the first successful Open Heart Surgery

Otis Boykin's Resistors & Control Unit Helped Make the Modern Pacemaker

For more info on the importance of African Slavery to the American Economy & America's Rise to Power


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Anonymous said...

YEP. Says right so in the Black History Month books. Blacks invented everything. The Russians before them, the Chinese before them, the Greeks before them. Etc.