Monday, February 29, 2016

New Poll: Trump is at 49%; Everyone Else Totals 47%! Rubio is #2, at 16%; Once Again, Trump Comes Off GOP Sabotage Missions Stronger!

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Lester Holt never fails to disappoint me with his agenda...which is to pile on as much innuendo on Donald Trump as possible.Also a daily quote to one of his reporters,"How can anyone stop Trump?" Is a given.
Negro Nightly News on the Negro Broadcasting Company led with the KKK story-Holt basically trying to link Trump to them as best he could.He seemed more forceful tonight than usual in his attempt to bring Trump down.After a little real news(very little),over to the Oscars and a raising of champagne glasses to Chris Rock and the rest of the show that made most viewers click to "the Simpsons" or Netflix.
What a joke of a newscast.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
It never ends with the media. Any white on black incident gets major coverage that lingers for years with lurid headlines making race the central issue. I remember when this first happened, it got coverage with all the major media outlets, the white perps are being excoriated at racists and will be paying restitution. Not that they don't deserve it, they are an embarrassment and while racist violent acts by whites are much less common than black on white acts, when they do happen it feeds the public need to believe it's only whites. When is the media ever going to recognize the pattern of black on white burning killings? Black men raping and killing white women - young and old? Vicious racist violent attacks on the streets of major cities?