Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Twitter Gets More Aggressive in Its Blacklisting: It Unleashes New “Twicks” for Censoring Its Enemies


[Previously, on this subject, at WEJB/NSU:

“Twitter Totalitarianism: Site Maintains ‘Whitelists’ of Favored, Leftwing Twits, ‘Blacklists’ of Dissident Right Enemies, and Engages in Shadowbanning (‘Ghosting’) of the Latter, in Seeking to Crush Dissent, and Rig 2016 Election.”]

By Nicholas Stix

From circa 2-3 p.m. today, every time I tried to retweet someone’s twit, I got the same response:
“You have been blocked from retweeting this user's Tweets at their request.”
Now, I know that some people have blocked me, because they told me so, and if I stumble on to their pages, they inform me that I’m blocked from viewing them, but I’m getting these messages even when I seek to retwit my closest Twit buds, i.e., people whose twits I get because I’m their follower, and who follow and retwit me constantly.


Now, Twit’s commissars have switched methods, blocking me by cutting off my ability to “favorite,” “retweet,” or respond to anybody on my thread. When I hit the “favorite” icon, it momentarily turns red, and a dotted box forms around it, but nothing happens. As soon as I try to do anything else, it disappears without completing the action. Likewise, when I hit the re-tweet icon, it turns green, and a dotted box forms around it, but nothing happens. Reply icon… blue.

The commissars also eliminated my ability to send private messages to anyone.

[Postscript: They dropped that method after a few minutes, and I am now able, again to use the icons on my main page.]

It has already leaked out that Twitter has a “blacklist,” or as I would call it, a whitelist of politically incorrect people whom it seeks to silence, and a different “whitelist” of racial socialists whom it is promoting, in order to make it seem as though resistance is futile, and thereby swing the election. Its commissars will evidently keep on creating new methods of censorship, until someone engineers a non-totalitarian alternative or enough people render the matter moot by dropping Twit.

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Stan d Mute said...

No offense, but it's your own fault for embracing that stupidity. I have maintained from day 1 that Twitter was fundamentally retarded. The media phenomenon of claiming tweets are "news" only proves my point. After some years, the stock market is beginning to agree with me and Twitter itself is proving it is solely a platform for genuine twits.