Tuesday, February 23, 2016

For Your Viewing (Dis)Pleasure: ABC’s Black-ish Promotes Black Supremacist Propaganda


That’s Laurence Fishburne on the far left, and Anthony Anderson on the far right

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

For your viewing (dis)pleasure: ABC is promoting this week’s episode of Blackish as “a way to present the current conditions as only Blackish can bring them.”

They show a clip of the family watching all the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, and Anthony Anderson talking about “injustice and how to explain it to my kids.”

Either he rips the police, white people, or both, it would seem. My question: If a viewpoint like that is allowed to be aired—why can’t ANYONE give an opposing viewpoint following that show? Why can’t white people rip into black drug dealers, black thugs, and porch-dwelling blacks who do nothing and don’t want to? I want to watch it to see how absurd and melodramatic the show gets, but I might have to borrow a high blood pressure pill from someone beforehand. I hope the police come out and respond to what will probably be more slanted black b.s. It’s not Blackish, it’s BlackBullsh*t.

Part 2 about Blackish.

Monday night, ABC decided to promote the upcoming episode on Nightline, by producing a segment talking with the cast members about how relevant and great the show is. In the spirit of open-mindedness, I watched. The first thing I noticed is that Blackish is not the only show that has a black cast. Nightline, while not as extreme as the Negro Nightly News, is definitely heading that way. Byron Pitts—an undistinguished, black host—introduced the segment, and handed off to a female black reporter (whose name escapes me). She went on to interview Anthony Anderson, and feed him questions like: “Why is your show so relevant?,” and “This show must make people uncomfortable... what do you think of that?”

The upcoming show proudly promotes talk about police abuse and brings up all the Black Lives Matter martyrs: Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, and that poor, 300 lb. black thug that started it all in Ferguson, Missouri. All are brought up by Laurence Fishburne as heroes.

Anderson was asked if he ever experienced police brutality. He said he was “stopped once years ago, because I was black.”

Guess what? I was stopped by cops THREE TIMES in my youth, because I had long hair and a crappy car. Was I doing anything? No. But I never had a criminal record, and I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I said, “Yes sir, no sir,” and went on my way.

That isn’t the answer given to the masses concerning black/police confrontations. Blacks don’t cooperate… they don’t have clean criminal records, but they ARE up to no good at early hours of the morning, when police stop them.

This show also showed clips of whites gleefully being the butt of jokes by the Blackish cast members. For example:

White office worker to Anderson character: “How do blacks say, ‘Good morning everyone?’”

Anderson: “Pretty much just like that.”

REALLY? We (whites) are THAT stupid? Of course, not. There looks to be a lot of white chastising and racist humor that rivals Amos and Andy—except Amos and Andy are WHITE. [And unlike Blackish, and other anti-white “comedy,” Amos and Andy was both funny and realistic about blacks, and blacks and whites both found it hilarious.]

Why can’t there be a show called Whiteish that depicts whites in an increasingly hostile world of blacks and Mexicans that are destroying our country? Let’s show the blacks on the porch not working, doing drug deals down the block, turning tricks, doing B&Es, and yes... lots of black-on-black and black-on-white crime. No—we’ll just put Blackish on instead, and ignore the truth about blacks. I know this segment was enough viewing for me. I wasted enough time on that show last night.


Robb said...

I caught Nightline too. The best part was one of the reporters was interviewing Anderson, and he said something to the effect "My kids asked me what it's like being black, because they've had privilege and don't live on the streets". Pure gold.

Anonymous said...

On a local cable tv show in Chicago, the malcontents regularly sit around talking about YT.They constantly complain and blame every one but themselves for their dysfunctional, murderous behavior. One night the panel of grumbling groids agreed that it must be the KKK who is behind all the shootings of black youth!