Monday, February 29, 2016

“Black Lives Matter”—the Worst Oscars Ever



Also, by Nicholas Stix: “Oscars, RIP: The Red, The Black, and the Nation of Islam.”

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

The Oscars—what used to be a night of entertainment and celebration of great movie-making became a repetitive exercise in black complaining. If there was a dearth of blacks nominated for Oscars, it was more than made up for by the parade of no-name and barely heard of nigs as presenters. I caught the pattern early and said to a friend—“lets watch the next presenters. There will be one white and one black.” Which was true, until two blackies trotted out.

Chris Rock was tiresome after his first monologue of the night. Whoopie Goldberg, at 250 lbs., sure didn’t look oppressed. Morgan Freeman gave out the B Best Picture award without commenting on the pervasive theme of the night. He stood there knowing that talent yields award nominations—not political arm-twisting. If you’re good, you’re good. Poitier (and Freeman)—case in point.

I hope it wasn’t a fantasy that I heard TV sets being clicked off in large numbers a half-hour in. Maybe Nielsen ratings will show a new all-time low. The only mildly amusing skit was the Black History spot—which was about Jack Black. I was ready to throw my remote at the TV, until they surprised me with a little levity.

That was few and far between though, and when Rock closed the show saying, “Black Lives Matter”... it was a horrible end to the worst Oscars ever.

Nicholas Stix comments: I didn’t so much as turn on the TV tonight. Note, however, that when blacks didn’t like their Nielsen numbers a few years ago, assuming as they did that 13% of the population should register as higher than that, they simply screamed “racism” at the Nielsen folks, until the latter falsified their own numbers. Maybe Nielsen will again lie on behalf of black supremacists.


Anonymous said...

Ratings out--worst in 8 years.Stuart Varney on Foxbiz said he "watched four minutes and he clicked it off".I guess it happened everywhere in the US.

Alan said...

The race baiting by the left and black leadership as shown by their cry of the "White Oscars' is farcical. As I have pointed out often of late - the annual Oscars of basketball's NBA -their annual All Star game - is all black. All 10 starters in February's All Star game are black. Pathetic, especially given that blacks only represent about 13% of the total U.S. Population. The racist liberals can't have it both ways - or maybe they can in their eyes. The NBA All Star game had no Asian nor Hispanic players, and obviously little or no White players. This needs to change and be more reflective of today's American society.

Mark Caplan said...

I boycotted the Oscar telecast in solidarity with my oppressed countrymen and countrysistahs. This morning though I read Chris Rock's monologue on the iSteve Show. It was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I remember seeing this article about and alleged hate crime. Turned out "alleged" is right. One of the rare times the media seems to be giving at least some attention to a faked hate crime:

Anonymous said...

On the NBA/Academy Award comparison.NBA is based on talent--as is all sports.The best play.The Oscars is subjective.By being subjective it allows for arguing about who should ve or shouldn t have won.Before you can win though-you must be nominated.Who nominates?The liberal members of the Academy.Now if THEY don t see fit to nominate blacks in a particular year--they must know(lack of)talent when they see it.
--GR anonymous