Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Racist Slaughter and Political Takeover Campaigns of the Black Supremacist Nation of Islam: A Bibliography

By Nicholas Stix

The Nation of Islam, founded in 1931 by con man Wallace Dodd Ford (aka Wallace Fard, et al.), is devoted to the annihilation of the white race. It’s only theological connection to Islam is its ban on eating pork. However, in spirit, both ideologies share a deep kinship: They are both terroristic movements that sanctify slaughter and rapine.

Since 1963, the Nation of Islam has slaughtered at least 85 and as many as 285 whites, and wounded scores more.

This bibliography is an ongoing project.


Only two book about the NOI’s murders are worth reading.

Zebra: The True Account of 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco (1978), by Clark Howard (free download!).”

Circle of Six: the True Story of New York’s Most Notorious Cop-Killer and the Cop Who Risked Everything to Catch Him, by Randy Jurgensen and Robert Cea (2006).


“The Nation of Islam’s Blood Brothers 1963-1964 Serial Killings of Whites in Harlem (Alan Stang).”

“The Zebra Project.”

“Lest We Forget: Remembering the Zebra Victims.”

“Domestic Terrorism: The Nation of Islam and the Zebra Murders.”

“Domestic Terrorism: The Nation of Islam and the Zebra Murders.”

“The Zebra Murders: The First Victims?”

“Remember the Nation of Islam (Zebra) Murders!”

“3 Black Muslims arrested as shotgun-slaying suspects” [The NOI’s Sacramento murders].

On NOI Killer Larry Roshea Pratt [The NOI’s Sacramento murders].

“Black Muslim youths face life in prison in Zebra murders” [The NOI’s Sacramento murders].

“Larry Pratt: Picture of a Genocidal Racist and Future Murderer” [The NOI’s Sacramento murders].

“The Oklahoma City Nation of Islam Murders.”

“In Detroit, Baby Showers Lead to Baby Killings, with the Nation of Islam Murder Cult Poised for a Takeover.”

“Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Mosque Ambush Murder of White NYPD Cop Philip Cardillo is in the News Again, as Racist Black CB 10 Chairwoman Lyle Sandbags Cop Trying to Get Harlem Street Named After Cardillo; Fox News Bars All Commenting on Story!”

“Is Louis Farrakhan Seeking to Take Over Chicago, Too?: Jewish Mayor Rahm Emanuel Accepts Help from Anti-Semitic, Genocidally Racist Murder Cult, the Nation of Islam.”

“The Beltway Sniper Killings Equal Zebra Killings II?”

“The Seamless Garment of Hate: The Beltway Sniper Shootings and Islam.”

“DC Sniper John Allen Muhammad Proclaims Himself, ‘This Innocent Black Man.’”

“Nation of Islam Mass Murderer John Allen Muhammad is Scheduled to be Executed Today.”

“Marcel Jackson, Co-Founder of Detroit 300, and Owner of X-Men Security, Fronts for the Nation of Islam Murder Cult, is Murdered While Trying to Keep the Peace at Detroit Nightclub; Detroit News ‘Reporters’ Cover Up NOI Connection.”

“The Detroit News is in the Pocket of the Murder Cult, the Nation of Islam: It Named One of NOI Front Detroit 300’s Leaders, Raphael B. Johnson, ‘Michiganian of the Year.’”

“Detroit: Raceless, Faceless Men, Carl Bruner and Michael Lawson, Convicted of Murdering Marcel Jackson, About Whom WEJB/NSU Alone Reported, was Nominal Boss of Nation of Islam-Front Security Company, and Prominent Member of Second NOI Front, Detroit 300; Detroit News Cover-Up Continues.”

“Nation of Islam Leader Murdered in Detroit.”

“Man Sentenced to 37 Years in Murder of Detroit Nation of Islam (NOI) Leader.”

“Houston: Racially Charged Trial of White Cop, Drew Ryser, for Beating Black Burglar, Chad Holley, Begins; Nation of Islam Sought to Exploit Case in Its Ongoing Campaign to Seize Municipal Power.”

“Farrakhan: I Don’t Get Debate Over Confederate Flag, ‘We Need to Put the American Flag Down.’”

“Racist, Nation of Islam Zebra Serial Killer Found Dead in Prison Cell.”


Anonymous said...

The line between Black Islam,Isis and plain black racism gets more difficult to see.As violence is the common thread with all many cases it's hard to separate the cause of a particular crime.The blacks in prison may get involved politically or religiously with groups listed above but only because it fits their already depraved mindset.They d rather destroy--people,neighborhoods and cities--than contribute to its improvement.That s why they re in prison in the first place.They don t believe in laws or obligations and in that context become anarchists like the Black Islam and Isis groups are.I believe these felons should never be released and should not be given privileges in prison.I was reading about the Tower of London--a place not considered kind to its prisoners.It housed spies and war criminals and treated them as such.From what I ve seen on such TV shows as "Locked Up",prisoners today treat it as a party.It s time away from a life they re unsuccessful at anyways.They are allowed access to outside internet via cellphones and with this access become involved with radical ideas like Black Islsm and Isis.We ve seen these crimes already.
Prisons need to be tougher so that going there is a punishment--not a vacation.

David In TN said...

The Clark Howard book is a combination of true crime, new journalism, and novelization. Howard did a lot of research and interviews, even with two of the convicted perpetrators.

Early on, he wrote of the 71 murders the California AG's office had listed by October 1973. What Howard should have done (in an appendix) and what an investigative writer could still do is put all 71 in order by time, place, names of victims, suspect descriptions (if any) and adjudication if applicable.

Howard wrote the number of victims could be over 200 but didn't provide any documentation, interviews, or evidence.

By the way, CNN "legal expert" Jeffrey Toobin, whose Simpson trial book is currently running as a miniseries on FOX, is supposedly writing a book taking place in the time period. The subject? Patty Hearst.

Anonymous said...

Correction:That s Ronald Hamilton in Virginia and deceased wife Crystal Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

A different take on school and black gangs and sports.
This week in Shelby Michigan,the local high school girls basketball squad did a heroic thing.The mostly white (if not entirely white)team refused to travel to Muskegon Heights to play an all black girls team.The reason for the cancellation was safety.In the past few months,six teams have cancelled either football or basketball trips to Muskegon schools because of shootings and reported gang feuds.Union High School in Grand Rapids cancelled such a trip a month ago after a shooting between Ottawa Hills High School and a Muskegon school not long before.Ottawa Hills is probably 80% black and Union is 40-50% black.Fears of retribution from the Ottawa Hills shooting was given by Union High School officials.
Now Shelby is being criticized by Muskegon school officials.Shelby offered to have the Muskegon Heights team travel to Shelby,pay for food,transportation,lodging but were turned down by the black run school.Instead,they huffily scheduled a substitute game between Kalamazoo (mostly black)High School--to be attended by police,judges and city officials.Some of the officials are white and were more than happy to ignore the reason for having to insert a fill-in team in the first place.
Further details at or
The reason I m writing this is obvious.How far the school systems have fallen when even high school contests become secondary to the real game--gangs,guns,shootings that blacks seem to embrace.I commend Shelby for standing up for its students.
---GR Anonymous