Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscar-Winner Leonardo diCaprio is Just Obsessed with Saving the Environment!

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Anonymous said...

The Oscars--what used to be a night of entertainment and celebration of great movie making became a repetitive exercise in black complaining.If there was a dearth of blacks nominated for Oscars,it was more than made up by the parade of no name and barely heard of nigs as presenters.I caught the pattern early and said to a friend--"lets watch the next presenters.There will be one white and one black".Which was true until two blackies trotted out.
Chris Rock was tiresome after his first monologue of the night.Whoopie Goldberg at 250lbs sure didn t look oppressed.Morgan Freeman gave out the Best Picture award without commenting on the pervasive theme of the night.He stood there knowing that talent yields award nominations--not political arm twisting.If you re good, you re good.Poitier(and Freeman)--case in point.
I hope it wasn t a fantasy that I heard TV sets being clicked off in large numbers a half hour in.Maybe Nielsen ratings will show a new all time low.The only mildly amusing skit was the Black History spot--which was about Jack Black.I was ready to throw my remote at the TV until they surprised me with a little levity.
That was far and few though and when Rock closed the show saying,"Black Lives Matter" was a horrible end to the worst Oscars ever.
--GR anonymous