Saturday, February 13, 2016

Reparations! Reparations! Reparations!

By Nicholas Stix


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Stan d Mute said...

Repatriation! Repatriation! Repatriation!

I'm on board for reparations IF they are conditional on repatriation. Let's give every negro $100,000 cash upon landing in Liberia. It's a lot of money sure, but compared to what it costs us to keep them here it's the world's greatest bargain. Everybody thinks of the welfare costs and many think about the costs of crime and punishment, but the truly staggering hidden costs of the negro include the trillions lost due to negro avoidance. What has America spent in moving every white family out of negro school districts? Tens of millions of homes have been abandoned and tens of millions more built in negro-free areas (often repeated as negroes follow the whites from city to suburb). Then there is the lost productivity as negroes are given jobs they either don't do, do poorly, or do so badly that the work cannot be salvaged at all. For every negro worker, at least one extra white must be employed to do that negro's work. And often entire teams of whites must work to undo the damages the negro causes.

Reparations are the best financial deal in history but only if they are attached to an irreversible agreement to repatriate the negroes to Africa.