Monday, February 29, 2016

When Will Donald Trump Denounce Spaghetti?!

By Nicholas Stix

It seems that both Donald Trump and Mussolini liked spaghetti. Ergo, Trump is a fascist!

The MSM are now working feverishly to help the GOP establishment derail Trump’s candidacy. Thus, they are constantly demanding that Trump denounce people they hate who said nice things about him, and also seeking to cause prominent Trump supporters to desert him.

What MSM operatives are not doing is asking any other candidate to denounce his supporters.

I have not heard any Democratic candidate challenged to denounce Nazis or racial supremacists, e.g., Black Lives Matter, Black Liberation Theology, or the Nation of Islam.

[I saw a twit saying something similar to this, but it was clumsily worded, and I lost where it was, anyway.]

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