Saturday, December 14, 2013

White College Student Jordan Coyner’s Three Black Murderers All Convicted of Killing Him; But Why Hadn’t We Heard of Coyner?

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The following item is a complete copy-and-paste from New Nation News, the indispensable site for black-on-white crime news. Note that the crime was committed off-campus, so that it will not have been tabulated by campus police. Most crimes by blacks against white students today are committed off-campus. Thus, campus officials can honestly say that campus crime is relatively low, in spite of their being an explosion in violent crime committed by blacks against white college students, often barely off campus. Meanwhile, there is a conspiracy among campus activists, administrators, and student “reporters” both to suppress knowledge of black-on-white crimes committed on campus, and to exaggerate the prevalence of white-on-black crimes committed on campus, including their promoting hate crime hoaxes on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, I could not find an NNN to the story below.

3 Guilty in Murder of College Student

Jordan CoynerDevele ReidThree young men have been found guilty of killing a 20-year-old Pennsylvania student. A jury found 17-year-old Jon Lee guilty of third-degree murder, while the judge in the case delivered the same verdict for 19-year-old Brandon Lind, while finding 24-year-old Devele Reid guilty of second-degree murder. Prosecutors say all three are liable in the June 2012 death of Slippery Rock University student Jordan Coyner. They say the defendants went to his Kennedy Township home to steal cash and marijuana. Allegheny County Assistant District Attorney Michael Berquist says Jon Lee hatched the idea of a robbery, Brandon Lind picked the target and Devele Reid pulled the trigger. Lind and Reid chose to have their cases decided by a judge. The three are scheduled to be sentenced March 13. - (Black-on-white)


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White college student away from home for the first time. Unaware of what this country is really like. NOT having his survival instincts honed by experience. Etc. Many of the most prestigious campus in the country are surrounded by dangerous [negro] areas. Yale, Columbia, Chicago, John Hopkins, etc. Wander less than a block outside of the campus environs and you are in mortal danger.