Thursday, December 05, 2013

At Wikipedia, 124 Words of Marxist Mischief on “Spatial Inequality”

Re-posted, with English translations, by Nicholas Stix

Spatial inequality is the unequal amounts of qualities or resources and services depending on the area or location, such as medical or welfare. Some communities have a greater range of resources and services and then those that would be able to change that do not live near or associate with those communities making it almost impossible to change this cycle. [What cycle?] The space within the different locations is the clustering of various groups of people who share similar socio-economic statuses.

Spatial inequality is caused by various reasons, such as religion, culture, or race. Areas of people in poverty will remain that way until various resources and services are introduced. [But most poor neighborhoods in Western countries are flooded with welfare programs, education—but I repeat myself—medical clinics—ditto… Much more is spent on education in “poor” (read: black and Hispanic) neighborhoods than in white ones.] Resources are things such as fresh drinking water. [Poor people lack fresh drinking water? Where, in the Sierra Leone?] Services include educational institutions and hospitals/other health services.

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