Thursday, December 05, 2013

New York City Mayor-Elect Bill DeBlasio Appoints William Bratton Police Commissioner, Solves Crime Problem, Puts Young Black Male Felons in Charge

By Nicholas Stix

[See also: “‘Disappearing Uurban Crime.”; and

“From Compstat to Fakestat: The Epidemic of Fraudulent Official Crime Reports.”]

The press conference just ended.

DeBlasio’s solution to crime is to refuse to charge “young black males” for felonies, when they commit felonies. Instead, they will get “community service,” something that was supposed to be used only for the most piddling misdemeanors, like public urination. Now, it will be used for violent felonies, which means that the crimes will not be charged as violent felonies. Since the NYPD has already been playing this game for over 20 years, that means that ever more heinous crimes will be “disappeared,” a la Milwaukee.

DeBlasio emphasized that the police are to leave “young black males” alone.

DeBlasio has re-invented Bratton’s career, so that he has now been a life-long “community policing” (cops as social workers with guns). But when Rudy Giuliani named Bratton as police commissioner in 1994, he was heralded as the antithesis of community policing, as the embodiment of tough, aggressive policing.

DeBlasio also told a racial fairy tale, whereby Bratton will bring communities and police back together, as if stop, question, and frisk had fractured such previously amiable relations. The reality is that blacks and Hispanics have been cop-haters for generations, and SQF had no effect on that. Before SQF, both “communities” supported criminals. The cops didn’t invent “No Snitching” and “Snitches Get Stitches.”

So, how does Bratton go from “broken windows” policing to social-workers-with-guns, the-crooks-are-in-charge policing? His experience in Los Angeles. On top of his experience introducing his fakestat statistical fraud method to New York City, he exploited the pro-criminal pathologies and pro-criminal character of sanctuary cities, to “reduce crime” by ceding sovereignty to cut-throat illegal alien gangs, so that illegal aliens and others living in gang-controlled areas would not report violent crimes to the police. Voila! Crime went down!

The nightmare has already begun, but there will be no public record of it. After waging wars to cover up racist black flash mobs and racist black sucker punch attacks, the media will be having orgasms, at the prospect of violent, racist, black and Hispanic felons running wild.

If Bratton’s history is any guide, he will respond to complaints about de-policing on his watch with, “If you don’t like it, leave the state.”

For better or worse, he probably won’t last very long. His huge ego requires that he get the lion’s share of credit for crime fraud, er, crime fighting, and he will likely wear out his welcome with DeBlasio, as he did with Giuliani.

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