Saturday, December 28, 2013

No “Stereotypes” Should Be Allowed: TV Movie Aftermath on the Racist, Ogden Hi-Fi Murders

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“Ogden, Utah Hi-Fi Murders Revisited: One of the Most Obscene Black Racist Atrocities of the Past 100 Years.”]

By David in TN

I found this at a Richard Chamberlain site. The writer whines about how "Stereotype mars 'Aftermath,'” because "it is also a gratuitous exploitation of white America's racist fears of blacks."

And "the thieves are burly, sadistic black men who tie up their five victims, inexplicably torture them by forcing them to drink drain cleaner, and then shoot to kill."

Well, that's what happened in real life. By the way, they left out the rape.

And "'s a clear, well-acted, realistic look at how people deal with violent crime."

"But why do the bad guys have to be black?"

So you don't want realism? Incidentally, in a TV movie based on the Kitty Genovese murder, the Bad Guy was changed from black to white, as in innumerable films and TV shows.

"Aftermath" is rare in this respect.

N.S.: A more honest title for the piece would have been, “Truth Mars Aftermath.” But we don’t have to worry about that anymore. There won’t be any TV movies about the Brian Nichols spree killing, the Knoxville Horror, the Pearcy Massacre, the Wichita Massacre, the Winchester Atrocity, the Kirkwood Massacre, Omar Thornton, Rodrick Shonte Dantzler, Andre Turner, Christopher Dorner, or Shareef Allman, or Aaron Alexis. Not, that is, unless the killer’s race is changed to white, as Law & Order’s scriptwriters did, when they did a show on the Nation of Islam D.C. Snipers, or the writers substitute a fake “civil rights” narrative for the truth. The truth about interracial crime has long since been forbidden in Hollywood.


Mike Conrad said...

Good start to a list of examples where Hollywood changes the race of the perps. Another example is "A Time to Kill" where I note the wiki entry neglects to mention that the races were reversed... the movie and Grisham's novel have whites raping a black girl whereas the case from which the story was adapted involved blacks raping a white girl. That, of course, would be too incendiary to film, or to permit the novel to be optioned, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

"Aftermath" can be seen on Youtube in three parts. The DVD can be purchased through Amazon.

The only other movie I can recall(also a CBS TV movie) about a true crime with black perps is "Badge of The Assassin," from 1985. This is based on Robert Tanenbaum's book concerning his prosecution of the BLA murders of two policemen in 1971.

This film isn't shown on TV anymore. If you have a VCR, the VHS cassette of "Badge of The Assassin" is available on Amazon for a few dollars.

By the way, the critics didn't like "Badge of the Assassin" because it didn't give the killers' viewpoint.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Here's another case of the old race switcheroo game you can put on your list. Never hurts to have actual examples of this happening since black crime apologists will always deny this ever happens. The Law & Order episode "Dolls" was based on the Rilya Wilson case, a 5 year old girl who was murdered by her own mother and step father. The L&O episode changed the perp to a (drum roll please) creepy Norman Bates type white man. Here is a link to a synopsis of the episode. Jerry

Anonymous said...

Another TV series I watched as a kid was "Get Christie Love". I think it was the first series to feature a black female cop.
It's the first time I remember seeing a race switch. I recall an episode that was based on a real life event where a black woman was raped by a black man. The series switched the race of attacker to a white man. I couldn't find the full series available on Youtube but found clips and the original TV movie. It's all there in the TV movie though, white men are the rapists, serial killers and harassers, black men are portrayed as being decent and wholesome while white men in their 70's porn style mustaches are leering and sexually threatening poor sexy Christie Love every time she turns around. I didn't see every episode of the show so there may be a few exceptions but for the most part the PC stereotypes about white men dominate the scripts. If you enjoy 70's blaxploitation you might actually enjoy watching the movie, it's entertaining in a cheesy way but infuriating also because you can see the genesis of how the media manipulates racial stereotypes (to the detriment of white males). Jerry