Saturday, December 07, 2013

New NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton Spends His First Public Appearance After being Named PC by Communist Mayor-Elect Bill DeBlasio Kissing Al Sharpton’s Ring, and Praising Mandela/Madiba; Will President-for-Life Obama Erect a Mandela Statue?

By Nicholas Stix

Bratton ventured up to Harlem with his bodyguards, to Sharpton’s criminal stronghold, the “National Youth Movement” headquarters.

Al Sharpton: Nelson Mandela said, “We can disagree without being disagreeable.”

Mandela didn’t say that, a white man did. Mandela said, “Kill the Boer (white man)!”

The obsequious Bratton also invoked Mandela, and promised the assembled black supremacists that the NYPD will submit to them.

One of my expert confidants predicts that the next Washington, D.C. memorial will be a statue of Nelson Mandela. (I referred to him in my rough draft as “one of my experts,” but when I read it to him he complained, “I am not a professional liar.”)

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2cypher said...

Kissed the ring of Al Sharpton ? WTF for ? That's disgusting