Thursday, December 19, 2013

Racism! Keeping the Black Man Down! All Loving, Georgia High School Senior Sam McNair Did was Sneak Up Behind His Teacher, Put His Arms Around Her, and Kiss the Back of Her Neck—and the School Suspended Him for One Year! It Should Have Given Him a Citizenship Award!

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I thank reader-researcher Jerry for sending this story. He writes,

Potential Philip Chism? This "pushing" the boundary sexual behavior is common among them, inappropriate physical contact (which is actually trying to initiate sexual contact), often publicly, with a "dare whitey to react and we'll scream racism."

He certainly knows how to put on the innocent expression in front of the camera.

[New message] Here's a video of the hugging incident. The teacher looks like she might be black also, thought it's kind of blurry, despite that the reporters are still slanting the sympathy toward the "hugger." It's clearly inappropriate, a lot of white women will laugh this off (even though they don't like it), she actually has made an issue out of it, which is good.

This is such a black thing. I recall in junior high school, over 40 years ago, there was a very aggressive black student named Dwight, and he was putting his hands on a beautiful, blonde, young Jewish teacher, Mrs. G. She was clearly very uncomfortable, and Dwight knew damned well that he was out of line, but he did it, because she was white, and because he knew nothing would happen to him. Had a white student done the same thing, he would have been expelled. But oddly enough, no white students ever did that.

A Youtube commenter pointed out that McNair was clearly pushing the envelope, and the next thing you know, he’d be seducing (if not raping) the teacher, and she’d be going to prison. The only thing unusual about this incident is that the teacher appears to also be part black.

McNair remains defiant, as does his mother, who failed to teach him how to be a gentleman, even after he’d been suspended two or more times. (CBS Atlanta refused to be more exact than saying “suspensions.”)



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Published on Dec 13, 2013

DULUTH, GA (CBS ATLANTA) - A Duluth High School senior has been suspended for one year and won't graduate on time for hugging a teacher last month.

Sam McNair, 17, was suspended last week when a school hearing officer found he violated the Gwinnett County Public Schools' rules on sexual harassment.

"Something so innocent can be perceived as something totally opposite," said McNair.

A video of the hug, captured by a surveillance camera, shows McNair enter a room, place his arms around the back and front of the teacher and tuck his head behind her neck.

According to a discipline report, the teacher alleged McNair's cheeks and lips touched the back of her neck and cheek.

McNair denied he kissed his teacher or sexually harassed her.

McNair said he regularly hugs his teachers and has never been disciplined for it in the past.

According to the discipline report, the teacher alleged she warned McNair that hugs were inappropriate but he disputes that.

April McNair, Sam's mother, said she was dumbfounded when she was informed of the suspension and believes the district had a responsibility to notify her if her son's hugging was becoming problematic before it suspended him and derailed his college plans. [If it “was becoming problematic”? And how did she react to his previous suspensions? This is at least the third time. Is she dumbfounded every time? I’d like to see a video of her discussing her constant state of dumbfoundedness.]

"He's a senior. He plays football and was getting ready for lacrosse and you're stripping him of even getting a full scholarship for athletics for college," said April McNair.

Sharese Shields Ages, an education attorney not associated with the case, said school districts have a responsibility to crack down on sexual harassment but also thoroughly educate students about what constitutes sexual harassment.

"The school district should do a very good job communicating to both parents and students what appropriate contact is between students and teachers and to the extent that they have not done that it was an extreme punishment for the student," said Shields Ages.

Sloan Roach, a spokesperson for Gwinnett County Public Schools, would not comment on McNair's case but said in a statement that "hearing officers consider witness testimony, a review of the known facts, and a student's past disciplinary history...when determining consequences."

Sam McNair does have a discipline record and previous suspensions but not for sexual harassment and he does not believe he should be punished for showing affection.

[Oh, so when it comes to putting his hands of a teacher and kissing her, he’s a first offender, so his previous offenses and suspensions (two, three, how many?) shouldn’t count against him. Meanwhile, his mom doesn’t seem to have read him the Riot Act about behaving himself, and the wimpy white reporter “interviewing” them is careful not mention any of his history, nor do the studio news readers do anything but advocate on his behalf. ]

"You know what someone's going through. A hug might help," said Sam McNair.

[Help her or you? And who was that kiss on the back of the neck helping?]


Anonymous said...

Three suspensions and he wants to graduate on time.
If a teacher touches a child the way this potential rapist touched the teacher she would be fired and tried for child molestation.
He says he didn't kiss her on the neck, you can't see those thick lips but you can see the napped head moving down to her neck. I say video evidence says the potential rapist is lying.
Of course students don't know that they are not suppose to hug and kiss teachers. We all know that er...whatever.

Anonymous said...

I've given out many hugs in my life, as most of us have, but never walked up behind someone in an ambush type hug and "accidentally" brushed my lips against their neck. I think most people would say the same thing. Who do these people think they're fooling? It's disgusting the way this report made that fresh little punk look like a victim. If it was a white guy you know that would never had happened.

Anonymous said...

The way it is reported it sounds like a simple hung people give one another all the time. This was much more. The approach from behind, the kiss on the neck, etc.

The youth maybe rubbed against the woman too?